Sunday, November 8, 2009

To Create is to BE

As I continue making art every day in November, I chose bike riding as my creative activity this past weekend. Being surrounded by the beauty of Fall, feeling the wind on my face, and the sun on my skin, and playing with my very favorite people, I was reminded that to CREATE is simply being in the flow of the present moment.
In fact, one of the definitions of CREATE is: to cause to exist, bring into being. So my lesson on this creative journey is to remember that it's not necessarily what I make with my hands that's important, but how much I am living in the present moment, that truly matters.

Here are some photos of my time enjoying "creation". (Compliments of my lovely husband, Chris.)

Your Personal Reflection: How PRESENT are you?


  1. Love these photos and your passion for creative endeavors. You are so right, it's not always about the end result,but rather the creative journey.

  2. There's such great joy radiating through your pictures and words, Shannon!!

  3. Dear Shannon,
    You have hit the nail on the head-creating is simply being. Such a wonderful you in that picture, radiating that presence. I love all your photos, they are moments within your self. :) Happy Creative Every Month.

  4. Oh, what beautiful pictures. your blog makes me smile and feel peaceful.
    Thanks for your encouragement on Blueskies!!

  5. What gorgeous shots!
    Thanks for stopping by.
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  6. Your sunsets are amazing! So very beautiful.


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