Saturday, November 28, 2009

There's Some Knitting & Felting Goin' On

Today - Sunny. 66 degrees. No plans. Loving life.

As I continue making art every day for the month of November, I've had the bug to play with some fiber. Here are a few of my recent projects.

Funky, fuzzy, knitted scarf:

And felted wool rings. I'm excited to make more of these!

Your Personal Reflection: What are you creating today?


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Your scarfs always look so cozy and original, it looks like you have fun making them :D
    I've seen the process of felting on tv and it looks like a lot of fun, should try it one day!
    Thank you for your sweet comments to my postings.

  2. These are absolutely FUN! I love the creative fun that is going on with the scarf! I can tell you are having fun as you are creating.

  3. Great scarf and rings! I love playing with fiber. I have been an obsessive knitter for the past 2 years and now needle felting has taken over my life!
    Today we created sidewalk chalk paint (the post will go out Monday) and a little bit of knitting...working on a skirt for my youngest!

  4. Your scarf looks great especially with that splash of orange color, but I truly love the rings. So fun!

  5. Oooooooooooooooh, I love love love the rings!!! How fun! And the orange spishy splash at the ends of the scarf -- lovely!!

  6. The scarf is great but the rings are a super fantastic idea!


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