Monday, February 23, 2009

Being Ourselves

I live my life by the idea that every new experience is an opportunity for growth. I was reminded this past weekend that life is SO very short and goes by SO very fast. I know that in order for me to live a vibrant, happy future I must embrace and learn from my present moments.

In this moment, I commit to being my true self in every way. The good and the not-so-good parts and pieces of my life's journey have led me to a more confident space, a place where I listen more to my inner wisdom, and not only that, but where I now TRUST it, too!

So, I introduce my new blog to you, a place that is all me. My mantra today is this: I have the courage to be uniquely me, and I am grateful for the gifts that I have to share.

Your Personal Reflection: Do you have the courage to fully embrace the real you? Your individuality is your greatest gift - so go out there and shine, and shine bright and get down with your true self!