Holistic Life Coaching

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Benefits that come from coaching:
*Discover your life’s purpose and live more in-tune with your true nature
*Expand possibilities and your awareness
*Enrich your creativity
*Feel more organized and balanced
*Reduce stress
*Break cycles of self-sabotaging behaviors
*Let go of fear and learn tools that aid in relaxation and wellness
*Live a life from a heart, spirit-centered place, rather than an ego-driven place
*Become more confident, happier and more at peace
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Life Coaching offers you an opportunity to make a real difference in your life.  In working with a coach, you will discover your true purpose, gain greater awareness, expand your possibilities and take mindful action towards a fuller, bolder, happier life.
As a Life Coach, I help you get to the place where you can say, “Today, I am living the life of my dreams.”  I become your partner, that person who supports YOU.  I offer you unconditional acceptance, engaged listening and focused attention, and I am fully committed to your personal and professional growth.
My approach is holistic in nature, which means that together we look at what’s going on in your life, both externally (the circumstances) and internally (your thoughts and beliefs) to make great change.  The challenges, struggles and cyclical patterns we face are a reflection of our deep-seated thoughts.  So together, to make changes in your external world (the goals of coaching) we look internally to sustain those changes, making a life-lasting mind-body-spirit connection.
Holistic Life Coaching is not therapy.  The difference between the two is that therapists often assist people in gaining insight by delving into their clients past and origins of a behavior.  Although life coaches value insight, our main priority is to help you set goals and take action. So rather than living in the past we work presently for a better future.

Contact me: livefreely@mac.com

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