Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Softening (& winner announced)

at the park

I've been a little quiet on the blog front lately.  We jump right from the holidays and New Years to a month full of birthday celebrations and it hasn't stopped yet.  My husband turned a year older last week and my oldest little dude's big day is coming soon.

In between all the planning and parties, I am working on a revamp of my website, an e-book, and the launch of the 6th session of my Inside Out e-course.  

So needless to say, any free time I have is spent taking full advantage of playtime, park time or sleep time!

I've also been feeling mixed emotions lately.  Some days I'm full of energy and raring to go. Other days I'm swimming in muck.  I have this deep sense that I'm in the transition of the transition.  Like bigger, deeper change is on its way, but until then, I need to soften into the space of the unknown.  So here I am, letting the big blue sky lead the way.

I want to hear from YOU.

Your Personal Reflection:  How are YOU doing and feeling now that we are 10 days into this new year?

AND...the winner of the last free spot in 
(Thanks to all those who entered.  I appreciate you sharing your intentions for 2012.
Kate - please send me your email.)


  1. We are in the birthday season too for most of my family. I'm noticing the changes in my children as they are growing and learning as their birthdays get closer. I have had some days of energy and direction, then on it's heels I seem to need a day of rest and reflection. I suppose it is a way to breath in and out as the new year starts.

  2. Hey Shannon,
    I am definitely in the same space. I wrote yesterday about having love for the "shifts" in life. http://ow.ly/8pILp

    Tell the boys Happy Happy Birthday month from me!

    Love you.

  3. Mixed emotions, swimming in muck? Yup, me too. And like you, I feel there is change in the air... It's an undercurrent of sorts, and it's making me feel uncomfortable more than anything else, anything more defined. I just wrote a blog post on it, too :) Where your January is busy, it's our November, so I've just come out of 'too much for too long', not quite sure how to find my feet again (let alone hit the ground running, which is what I FEEL like, on good days, nonetheless!)... Weird moods!

    I'm so, SO looking forward to Inside Out! I need it, too :)
    Be well! xx

  4. Swimming in muck describes exactly what I feel. Maybe it's a stage in our lives something we go through because of all the constant shifts and demands of raising young children.
    My eldest just turned 7 and every year it just makes the muck deeper for a little while and then I bounce back ;o)

  5. Shannon,
    I love this: "any free time I have is spent taking full advantage of playtime, park time or sleep time!"...
    This is the first month that I am home full-time while working online. I had no idea how to "structure" my days so I chose to allow this new-ness to settle. I am finding the flow of my sleep cycle, lots of time on the beach and at the pool to balance many hours online, and lots of time with the kids when they are home from school. New for me: to allow for stillness, to allow that balance to rise naturally rather than try to "plan" it..and now there is a flow in which everything seems to "fit". Relieving!

  6. I can totally relate to the teeter totter of emotions. I'm in a bit of a slump right now. It's hard to keep going, going, going and feeling energized and inspired. Softer is a good idea.


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