Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"We are the only species on Earth capable of preventing our own flowering." - David Whyte

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward

Wow...I can't believe it will actually start being lighter later. That's always such an exciting time of year because we all know what's coming next...summer! We had a few days of 70 degree weather this past week - my neighbors started to emerge, people were wearing flip flops, kids were flying kites - you actually could see the excited energy everywhere.

We all know that spring is symbolically a time of rebirth and renewal. "Spring cleaning" allows us a chance to reflect on changes we need to make and things we are ready to let go of. We can clear out the clutter, release behavior that no longer serves a purpose in our lives and create space for newness.

As I come out from the coziness of winter I am needing more order and organization in my life. My husband and I recently spent weeks cleaning out our basement and that simply marked the beginning of my spring cleaning. Now I'm ready to conquer my creative center - my art room. I need to clear out some old projects and materials that I no longer resonate with so I can make space for the creative direction I'm moving in. I feel somewhat daunted by the task, and yet strangely excited.

I just returned from a walk where I looked more closely at the buds slowly sprouting and I reflected on what it is I need most this spring. Simplicity. That's it. My hope is that as I plant more seeds of order, organization, stability, and space - harmony and peace that come from keeping things simple will grow in full abundance for me this spring.

Your Personal Reflection: What type of spring cleaning will you do?