Monday, November 16, 2009

Facing the Blank Page

For my art every day challenge, I painted this simple tree today. It is my visual reminder of how creatively alive and connected to the source I feel when I allow myself to slow down and be fully present. I can imagine myself laying peacefully underneath the branches, while soaking in the sun's warmth.

When I first stepped foot in the studio this morning, the paints, brushes, white paper and quiet space felt a little intimidating. They told me to go find something "easier" to do, like cleaning the kitchen or starting a grocery list, or reorganizing the art room (again). I chose to ignore those voices and instead, I stayed there, BEING in the space. Breathing in the stillness. Not sure where to go. Feeling a little uncomfortable.

And in this uncertain space I found myself drawn to this painting that my toddler, Kestan, created a few months back.
Look at how free his brush strokes are. I love how vibrantly alive it feels.

His painting became my inspiration today. It helped me face the blank page. It reminded me that I, too, can let my brush strokes free, and that playing with paint, without being attached to any particular outcome, allows me to create from an authentic place. I'm very happy that I chose space, rather than filling it with my "to do" list. Because it's in the SPACE that the true magic happens.

Your Personal Reflection: When do you let "should's", "have to's" and self-generated "to do lists" keep you from doing what you love most?


  1. Wow..I did this just yesterday! Someone asked me to write an article. I was feeling like I should get my to-do list done first so my mind would be clear. But as I was going down the list I realized it kept growing. With that kind of mindset the creativity never gets the chance to come out and play. So I buckled down, stared at a blank computer screen for awhile, wrote, deleted, rewrote and eventually the flow of words found their way onto the page. Love your tree!

  2. How fabulous, Shannon. I love that you found inspiration in Kestan's painting and found the strength to move beyond the initial resistance to move into joyful creating. Beautiful!

  3. trees say so much...this one is magical!!

  4. Bravo for not giving into your to-do list. A wonderful tree and it is so great that Kestan's work was the inspiration for you. I suggest framing them and hanging them side by side!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, so courageous and inspiring! Love that you found inspiration and went for it, even if it was slightly uncomfortable! Beautiful work!


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