Monday, November 9, 2009

Playing with Paint

Keeping creating each day as a priority, I worked on some background pages in my journal today. These pages are just calling out for more images and words and texture and layers, however, I'm happy to let them sit in stillness for a while.

This next painting was magically produced by my 21-month-old artist. He likes to paint when I do, which is great for both of us!

Your Personal Reflection: When have you given yourself some quiet time to nurture your innate, child-like intuition, and let yourself play with paint?


  1. Oooh how dinamic and expressive...they almost stand alone...not much more needed...

  2. Oh I love these pages! So much luscious color!

  3. Very cool! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. I absolutely love love the top one .. can I have it :-)
    I used to create with my boys when they were young. .. how fast time flies, they're both at uni now.

  5. great colors...happy places to your "assistant"

  6. Dear Shannon,

    These paintings are wonderful and I am happy that you are engaging more and more with yourself in play through art. Such a wonderful way to explore ourselfs in the moment. :)

    The continuation of a very happy Creative Art Every Day month. :)

  7. Like you, I love love love playing with paint! Your words are as beautiful as the color in your art. Brava!

    (Oh, Blogspot doesn't always identify me as me, so here is a link to my Art Every Day blog just in case.)

  8. Shannon,
    I just love, love, love pink and green together, and the shade of these on your first picture are delish.
    Thank you for visiting my blog : )


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