Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let Your True Colors Shine Bright

The vibrant autumn leaves are absolutely magnificent this year. It's hard to keep my eyes on the road while I'm driving because on every block there is another tree to ooh and aah at.

I absolutely LOVE Autumn. The changing colors remind me to slow down, and appreciate nature's innate beauty. The falling leaves remind me that everything is impermanent. I'm reminded that we all have an inner beauty, our true colors, that need to come out and be seen. And just like the colorful trees, as our beauty shines bright, it will transform, change, and again, retreat to a place where it can rest and restore.

I find a pile of crunchy leaves completely irresistible. I have to get in there and crunch, scoop them up, toss them in the air and roll around. It's just fun. It reminds me of the simpler times, and that playful energy that comes naturally when you're a kid. I mean, seriously, what's more fun than jumping in a huge pile of freshly raked leaves?
Let's all stop, right now, and enjoy the beauty all around. Even if you live in an environment that doesn't have changing leaves, you can still stop, and see nature's great gifts. Just like the turning leaves, let's shine bright, feel the vibrancy that comes from being alive, and embrace the newness, and uncertainty that inevitably comes with change.

So get out there, jump, crunch, play, laugh and celebrate the changing YOU.
Your Personal Reflection:
Are you letting your true colors shine bright?
As we prepare for winter, this is a wonderful time to nurture your inner self. What self-care and personal wellness techniques can you invite into your life now?
Try this FREE guided meditation: Accepting Fear, Embracing Change

Like the falling leaves, what are you ready to let go of? Where will these new changes lead you?

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