Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's All in a Name

Here's my most recent scarf. I originally started it with Lissa Rankin in mind. She's the creator of this cool company called, "Owning Pink". She offers great inspiration for women (and men) on living their fullest lives. After felting this crazy wool wrap, I remembered that Lissa lives in California, so she probably doesn't have much use for something so warm and woolly! So I've started a new pink scarf for her that's a little lighter and more cali-friendly.

This thing is warm, really warm, and ooooooh so super yummy and fun to wear. And it needs a really great name. Any ideas? Leave a comment, with your name idea, for a chance to win one of my crazy felts!

Your personal reflection: What kind of creative fun will you have today?


  1. It is raining here in Southern California for the first time after a long and warm makes me happy..and seeing this felt scarf makes me happy's beautiful and it does look to me like rain drops...and green hills scattered all over on plains of orange, pink and favorite combo...So how about the name 'Rain drops keep falling on my head'...I know it's long..but happy long..not just long..don't you think?

  2. Oh it so reminds me of the Grinch when he got a heart. It's as if the old him was shattered (the many green dots) and the new Grinch came out in pink love! So, how about...the Grinch's New Heart? :)

  3. Reminds me of textbook microscopy pics, but in color. You could call it, "under the 'scope."

  4. loop de loo knitted chimes...great scarf!

  5. oops...I wrote the previous post but name did not come through. Sheila


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