Friday, October 9, 2009

Being a Mom is Hard!

This is how I feel today. A little disheveled. A little sick. A little tired. A LOT tired. And maybe a tiny bit bewildered. And here's why....

I never knew that being a mother could be THIS hard! Yes...laugh if you must. But did anyone ever tell you? I'm being serious. We all hear about the wonderful, joyous, amazing experiences we have with our kids, because there are COUNTLESS of these. And thank god, too, because it makes being a parent so worth it.

But, what I'm talking about right now....are the hard times. The exhausting, up-all-night, fussy-all-day, and nothing, (and I mean NOTHING), will help times, we have when our kids are sick. Maybe I could handle this better when I was feeling my best. But man, with NO sleep, and feeling yucky, too, I'm more like a mommy-gone-mad.

I've stayed home for 5 days, been puked on 4 times, snotted, coughed and sneezed on every few minutes, and I won't even tell you how many times we've watched the movie "Babe". I love that talking pig, but watching it over and over in the state I'm in is bound to make anyone feel a little crazy. Let's just say I've started looking out my window at the squirrels just hoping I'll catch them plotting to take over the neighborhood.

Ok...seriously...though...I AM feeling all of these things. And yet, I know there are still moments of gratitude, even when feeling challenged. it goes...

What I'm grateful for in the midst of being sick:

Our immune systems!
The human body is so resilient and unbelievably amazing. We are feeling better each day because we are resting, staying home, eating well and letting the body heal itself. I'm so grateful for a good immune system.

I am grateful for my snugly home, warm bed and my hand-made quilts.

The Present Moment
I've noticed that I've been much more relaxed this week and my mind has been less restless. Rather than trying to conquer my "to do" list, I've known my goal for the day has been to take care of me, and take care of my baby. So my mind has been able to chill out and let me do just that. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to be more present.

My Family
My husband has been a huge help and I'm so grateful that I have his love and support, and I'm grateful that I get the opportunity to be a mother to this sweet soul:
Sometimes we feel good. Sometimes we feel bad. Sometimes we're healthy. Sometimes we're sick. Sometimes we're feeling balanced. Sometimes we're out of control. This is the nature of life, the inhale, the exhale, the night and day, and being able to accept what IS, helps. I am grateful that I can practice acceptance in moments of challenge and frustration.

I feel even more connected to all the women who've been mothers before me, and who are mothers today, and who will become mothers in the future. I have so much more respect and admiration for all the amazing things my mom has, and continues to do for me! I am SO grateful for my mom. Here's a photo of us together when I was the age my sweet boy is now.

So I can take tired. I can breathe into the space I'm at now and and know that the long nights will pass, and what's left is still the amazing JOY that comes from loving another.

Your Personal Reflection: How do you handle challenging times? What are some of the things you are grateful for? Call your mom today, or a woman in your life who is a mother, and share your appreciation with her. It's a tough job and we get "paid" by those small moments of gratitude.


  1. I love this post! There's always something to be grateful about, even when we're being pushed to our limits. Love and light to you all!

  2. you are amazing! i'm going to come back to this post the next time i feel like i'm going over the parenting edge. (you're all feeling better now i hope?)

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  4. I grew up hearing over and over again how hard it is being a mom, so even at my worst (morning sickness and a hot water bottle that exploded and gave me a 3rd degree burn just below my armpit), it doesn't seem as bad as I grew up hearing it would be. At the moment, I'm grateful my son is always so sweet to me, even when I'm feeling to ill to play with him as much as he deserves.


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