Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too Cute Cap

Here's my latest knitted hat. I played around with the stitches and tried something new, which resulted in this really fun ridge effect. The hat is bumpy, lumpy, colorful and is the perfect size for a sweet little toddler. (fits 18-24 months)

Check here to see it on my Free Spirit Knits Etsy store.

Quite stylish on a pumpkin, too, would you say?

Your Personal Reflection: When have you tried something new and were happy with the results?


  1. Your creativity and productivity amazes me!

  2. I love the bumpy lumpy hat...I just bought a pony tail holder that has colorful long felt dreads dangling from it...it looks great with my curls...it makes everything on my head look messy and colorful, just the way I like it...They are made by Tracy Bunkers and I just bought it from her at journalfest.

  3. thanks to you both. orly- i love the idea of wearing colorful dreads. reminds me of a hat i made once. you've inspired me to pull it out and finish it...it's this cool cone shaped with dreads coming out the top. the messier the better! i want to hear more about journalfest.


Thanks for sharing!