Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creative Living & The Ten Minute Doodle

If you have yet to listen to Jamie Ridler's podcast series, Creative Living, then you must head on over there!  I had the privilege of speaking with her recently and shared a little bit about my creative journey.  You can listen to that interview on her blog today, where you'll hear me talk about how I came to embrace myself as a creative being, how I practice each day to find and maintain balance, and advice on how YOU can express your inner artist (we all have one)!


And, see that new "Newsletter Sign-up" button on the top-left of my blog?  Please take a moment to send me your email address and I'll make sure you get some buzzin' inspiration sent your way.  My new monthly newsletter, Create the Life You Love, will be full of tips and resources related to creativity, wellness and mindful living.  


Yesterday I had about ten minutes of free-time, so I ran to the art room, grabbed my markers, sketchbook, tea and turned on my Ani DiFranco (who I heart so much!) Pandora station and started doodling.  It was mindless.  It was fun.  It was energizing.

The Ten Minute Doodle

Can you spare just ten minutes today to create a doodle of your own?  I bet you can! Here are the guidelines:  Use simple materials, like crayons, markers or colored pencils. Choose an animal, random design or any image that you can draw quickly.  Don't think about it.  This is a doodle - not a perfect masterpiece!  Turn on some energizing music and let your mind go.  Play with lines, colors and designs.  Doodle away - with no judgment.  If you are feeling stuck or rigid, give yourself only ten minutes, and draw with your opposite hand!  Have fun...  

Also, I've created a new Flickr group.  It's a place for you to share your photos and join discussions about the self-discovery journey.  How about uploading your doodle today? Join us at Free Spirit Knits - Create the life YOU love! Flickr group.  I would love to see you there!


The doodle clock starts...now!




Your Personal Reflection:  Can you give yourself permission to enjoy just ten minutes of creative play today?


  1. I am soooooo happy to know that you've got interviewed by Jamie!! I had asked her last year if she was planning to interview you because I thought you would inspire so many of her listeners as you inspire me! Let's do an happy dance!!

    Love, love, love your ten minutes doodle! So yes, I can give myself the permission to do so!



  2. Thank you, sweet friend!! You are awesome.

  3. Hi Shannon, thanks for the reminder that it only takes 10 minutes to do something creative. Some days I scatter myself so thin that I don't think I have the time to fit anything in, a doodle is perfect for times like that.
    Signing up for your newsletter now.

  4. Beautiful doodle. As you know, I love to doodle regularly. Your doodle looks like a masterpiece - I'm very impressed!

    I'm downloading the podcast with Jamie to listen to as I'm sure the two of you will be very inspiring.

    You having your newsletter up & running makes me realise I need to get on & start publishing my own newsletter/mini mag that has been in the planning stage for too many months now. I've done two interviews & have written some copy. Now I've just got to pull myself out of exhaustion, work out the software & get on with it already! But like everything it will happen when its meant to. I did have a mega week last week celebrating and so I expected to have a dip in health to follow. Now I'm just trying to stay upbeat about it and your ten minute creative play reminder is just what I need! In fact on my blog I did a ten minute writing exercise inspired by a graphic I created as part of an online challenge. Quick fixes can be so beneficial on low energy days.

    Great to see you full of energy, joy & creativity - it radiates from your blog:-)
    Kat Xx

  5. Thanks, Shannon. I was so happy to listen to your interview on the podcast while practicing a little yoga. I am particularly appreciative of your thoughts on "creating space" and, most importantly for me, maintaining space. I feel a little synchronicity at play here. :)

    Thanks too for introducing me to Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I am currently in Week Four of the book and I'm beginning to see myself in new ways. Signing up for your e-course gave me much more than four weeks of art journaling.

    Good luck with the garden. If you have questions, shoot me an email. I am a regular writer for Carolina Gardener, and while my own garden often lacks cover photo appeal, it produces some pretty good food. If I don't know the answer, I bet I know someone who does.

    Have a great one!


  6. Congrats on the interview! I'll head over there.
    What an amazing doodle! You did that in 10 minutes?! You rock!

    PS: Attempting to sign up for your newsletter, but my computer has been acting funky. I hope it takes!

  7. Hi Shannon!
    Yes! showing up is SOOO IMPORTANT and SOOO EMPOWERING!!! I have a friend that is a chiropractor with a very busy full time office, but he manages to make art everyday by doodling. He draws a circle and turns it into something unique. He has been doing it for years and amassed an amazing collection of circle artworks..

  8. Great to hear from you all! Holly...what an awesome idea. Drawing a simple circle and creating a doodle from it sounds like a wonderful exercise! Thanks for sharing.

  9. 10 minutes isn't much is it.
    I will try for sure ;)
    Shannon, I linked you to my blog today ;D

  10. Hey Shannon, what a WONDERFUL idea! 10 minutes of play a day, just for me? Just thinking about it makes me happy! I wonder what would happen if I make this a ritual.

    You're a star. :)

  11. Ella,
    Thanks for the mention! Ah...still working on more de-cluttering. Hope to post about it soon.

    Thanks so much for your comments and visit. I really would like to do a doodle a day - for sure.

  12. oh what a lovely doodle! It's so joyful looking.

    Congrats on being interviewed by Jamie - must head over there and have a listen!

    Love, violette


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