Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shout Out to Free Spirits!

I'm a free spirit badge
I want to take a moment to thank some of you who are proudly displaying the "I'm a free spirit" badge on your blog - fabulous women like KellyKat, Yvonne, Megan, Manon, Suzy, and Jacs.

I believe a free spirit is someone who is dedicated to creating a life they love, while living more boldly, fully and freely.  They take time to go deeper. They enjoy the discovery. They accept their fears and take risks.  They shine from the inside out.

You.  Yay, YOU!  You are a free spirit, too.
You are an authentic, creative, brilliant BEing.
And I believe in you.

Get messy.
Embrace imperfection.
Live NOW.

...and always,

be you!

Feel free to grab a badge, too, and link it to here or here.
And let yourself be freeeeeeeeeeee.

How to be a free spirit list

Your Personal Reflection:  What is a free spirit to you?

(If you are displaying a badge, or decide to grab one today, let me know so I can give a shout out to you, too!)


  1. Shannon - try as I might, I can not figure out how to put the badge on my blog. Any ideas?

  2. I just emailed you with instructions. Thanks, you free spirit, you.

  3. It is my pleasure! Thanks for the mention and love. XO

  4. Rock on Free spirits!! I'm so proud to be part of this journey with you all!


    Manon xxx

  5. Woo hoo "Elliefants!" Back at ya Megan & M.

  6. I've totally got my Free Spirit on. :-)

  7. You are so full of life and fun! And you spread energy like sunshine. What a great list! Wheeeee, be freeeeeee!


  8. Thanks for the shout out sweetie! :-)x
    I've tried to honour my free spirit this weekend by turning negative probs with medication by making art from its packaging (pics on my blog).

    Kat Xx

  9. So much exuberance coming ALWAYS out of you...If there is an utterly free spirit out there, it must be you...and me too...LOL...XOXOrly

  10. Shannon - just posted the badge on my blog. I took your e-course and it was inspiring. Thanks! Aarian

  11. added to my blog! Love it, it's a lovely reminder in the midst of this shifting (and sometimes stress-inducing) world!

  12. Shannon,
    I just added your badge to my blog and signed up for your newsletter. I've so enjoyed your Play Create Reflect workshop at WishBIG ecamp. Thank you!

  13. Thanks to each of you for stopping by. Enjoy your day. xo

  14. thank you so much for the mention :) love the badge, love the sentiment - love the woman behind the badge ;) you are awesome!

  15. I am a proud free spirit too @ my very new baby blog!
    xo Daniela

  16. I love the idea :-))) I have put your badge on my blog and I feel like adding "my" part of free spirit "definition" :-)))

    All the best!

  17. I`ve just founded this blog. It`s great! I`d like to put the badge on my blog but I don`t know how to do it. Thank you!!!

  18. Shannon, I just put your badge on my blog and I've just bookmarked your blog. Thank you! I am happy to be a Free Spirit!

  19. YOU free spirits rock. Thank you sooo much for adding the badge to your blog homes. Here's to living freeeeeeeeely....


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