Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Being Fully Present

Three years ago my sweet boy, Kestan, grew inside me for 9-months.

My angel Kestan
He blessed our lives beyond measure with his beautiful, gentle spirit.

My favorite photo
And very soon, this "big boy" will be blessed with the gift of becoming a brother.
photo 5
After releasing my last post into the universe I felt an emptying of my mind, a shift in consciousness, and a softness in my body.  It's as though the present moment has swept over me.  I genuinely feel at peace.  Nothing matters, truly, but this moment.

I've let go of needing to be on a schedule and I have no "to do's" or things to check off.  What's important to me now is to rest, to breathe and to BE FULLY PRESENT with my boys.
photo 1
So today we let the blue ball guide our way.
photo 6
photo 3
photo 4
And just as Kestan told me, "No more photos, mommy," he reached to my belly, lifted my shirt and kissed "his baby."

Baby brother
The baby growing inside me now will soon take his first breath.  And there is nothing more present than that.

Your Personal Reflection:  Stop right now.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in.  Take a slow breath out.  Can you BE FULLY PRESENT with your own breath?  Smile and feel gratitude that you are alive in this moment.

A couple of things...
I'll announce the winner to my giveaway on Friday. There's still time to enter so get on over there.

My brother wrote, produced and sang the song from the video.  Get over to his site to hear the full version of Be Free.  (It's also the theme song to Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course.)

And a BIG thanks to all of you who took the time to read and comment on my last post.  I feel your love and support and it means so very much to me.  I am blessed.


  1. oh I so agree with this. Trying to be more and more present and reduce clutter from my life that involves just keeping up with myself - so very tiring. As I write now I am on hold on the phone disputing a payment to the garage who haven't mended my car properly - yawn, so boring when my whole day is caught up with this.

    I wish you every beautiful moment and luck and good wishes with the imminent birth of lovely baby number 2 :)


  2. Beautiful! What a lovely family you all are! I am so excited for you. Thanks for the post. You are an incredible mother and teacher! Peace, Angela

  3. happy birthday, kestan! i didn't realize the boys' birthdays would be so close together. now wouldn't that be something if you went into labor today!? sending you big hugs and hope you enjoy this gorgeous day! the weather doesn't get much better than this!

  4. Great to hear/ read that you are fully present!
    I am trying to be....but I'm not :(
    Good luck and enjoy!

  5. Oh my goodness you are HOOT! Your guys are so lucky to have you as their Mama and Wife. May the following days be filled with peaceful joy to which there is not end.

  6. Shannon - I am sending you much love and light as you enter the laborinth very soon! Staying in the moment in labor is one of my biggest challenges. It always comes back to the breath.

  7. That video is SO great! I hope I can think of chronicling so well when it is one day my turn. :o)

  8. Awwww, Shannon..... What beautiful, heart touching photos. You have a beautiful family. Life is full of challenges, and this is one of the good ones. Being challenged is the best way to grow stronger. Your friend is right. You were made for this.

    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend!

  9. Happy birthday sweet Kestan!! I love your video and how you documented your pregnancy!


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