Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Clutter Out of my Creative Space

The de-cluttering bug is totally wreaking havoc over here!  No room, closet, nook or cranny is safe!  

I'm completely clearing, reorganizing and custom designing a new creative space. (With my hubbies help.)   With baby on the way, I'm sure this project will take a lot longer than I think, so that's why I'm doing it in stages.  Over the next several days I'm clearing it all out...felt, yarn, paints, sewing machine, fabric, paper...everything will be scrutinized under a mindful eye.  Then, I'll organize all of my supplies into three piles - 1) precious materials to keep & use on current project 2) precious materials to keep in small art cabinet downstairs for future projects ('cause my art studio is small) and 3) supplies to donate and give-away. 

I'm really excited about this project because I can see what my art studio is starting to become.  And I can already feel the new energy buzz a-happening...  The creative juices are flowing, to be sure, despite all the boxes and dust needed sifting.  Can't imagine what it will be like without the clutter!  

See you when I emerge from the piles. Encouragement is happily accepted...  Better yet, feel like joining me?  Check out the Reduce Clutter; Create Space challenge and declutter with this brave group.

Your Personal Reflection:  What does your creative or personal space look like?  Is it time for a revamp?


  1. I've been reading your wonderful blog for a couple of days now and I'm totally inspired!

    I've been really busy lately, but I'm giving myself time, starting next week, to get on with loving my life space because ultimately, this is a way of loving myself.

    I know how much better I feel when things are decluttered, how much less stressed I am when I can find things, how much it will free up time otherwise spent taking care of stuff I no longer wants.

    It all feels pretty overwhelming at the moment, but once I get started I'm sure I will fly! Enjoy creating your lovely art studio. Do you have any tips on where to start? I have been here a few times before, so not a total newbie, but you know how it is when overwhelm threatens to take over - you just can't think of those first steps again...

    During the year I did a '5 items a day' challenge where I had to donate 5 items each day I no longer wanted. Now I feel the need to dedicate more time to this project and want to see some quick results without burning out.

  2. Same thing here! Hey, we have no choice afterall: we need space to think and create! No space? Clutter? No good idea, no time to do anything! I'm right there, in the middle of chaos, already happy to see the results! ;-)

  3. congrats on de-cluttering the creative space. those spaces are always the most emotional for me. my creative clutter is primarily, i did not get very far with the digital clutter removal month. and since i can stuff all of my digital desktop mess into a tiny folder, it makes facing the beast even more's "piling" up, but i can't see it. i need a digital hoarders intervention. ha!

  4. Oh my creative room needs more than a revamp :). I have been wanting to take the time to redo the room, and you have given me some serious food for thought here. I only hope my nesting period is as productive as yours :)

  5. Just found your blog & I've GOT to go declutter something right now - I'm inspired! Also, I'd love to take your inside out class. It's really full for 2011? It sound perfect, I'm working on lettng the inside me (the real me) out. Its soo much harder than it sounds.

  6. You're either a brave girl or pregnant - no wait - You're Both!
    I don't know if I can do it. I do have the itch...


  7. thanks for the support and wonderful comments. i've been on a rampage this week...need to take it easy tomorrow as i may have overdone it slightly today! at least that's what my low back is telling me. i've cleared tons of stuff...and it feels really, really good.

  8. Wonderful and inspiring to see someone elses piles of "stuff" sitting on the floor waiting to be put back into place! I have a major craft nook revamp to do...our house is quite small, and the fact that I even managed to carve out a craft nook is a miracle in and of itself! As with most folks there is too much stuff and too little space! Can't wait to find the time to get to it! Hope you post some after pictures!
    Good luck
    xo maureen


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