Monday, June 20, 2011

Mothering with heART - (New E-course Give-away!)

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There is no "right" path when it comes to mothering.  
The only path that is "right" for you is YOUR path.

I've mentioned before that I'm in the process of creating two new e-courses.  I'd like to give you a sneak peak today about one of them because I'm just so dang excited!  It's as though every cell in my body radiates when I think about it.  Seriously, it feels so right and I'm on such a flow that this course is pretty much creating itself. Which is exactly how my Inside Out e-course came to life.  (By the way, registration for the next Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery begins August 1st.)

So, rather than keep it to myself, I have to share with you a few highlights that will be included in this life-altering, creative, mindful, joy-filled, pleasure-ride of an e-course, which I've scheduled to launch in October.

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What is Mothering with heART?
The intention for this e-course is to inspire all of you mothers, mothers-to-be, or even those of you who think you may want to become a mother someday.  This course is about mindful mothering.  It will invite you to connect more deeply to your intuition while nurturing your children and yourself.  It's about listening more intently to your heart center and celebrating YOU as a mother.  It's about building your inner strength so you can continue to mother from within - the place that is all-knowing and comes from love - while you release and let go of self-doubt, and the need to seek external approval or validation. And you'll do all of this while enriching your creativity and making art with your children.

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So often we as mothers put our needs last and we all know where that gets us over time, right?  Downright exhausted, frustrated, resentful, sad, overwhelmed, confused, lost... NOW is the time to take better care of our mind, body, and spirits as mothers.  If we don't put ourselves first, then who will?  If we don't listen to our hearts and let our hidden dreams take flight, then will they ever come to be?

If we, as mothers, continue to put our needs, desires and dreams last, then what kind of message is that sending our children?  Since children learn best by example, wouldn't it be a great lesson in self-worth if we took the time to build our own courage and inner-strength?  Wouldn't it be an amazing gift to our children if we teach them how to be confident, courageous, creative beings - ones that follow their own hearts and discover their life purpose and truly live a happy, fulfilled, vibrant life?

Of course that's what we all want for our children.  Yet if we continue letting our own dreams collect dust, then what messages, even on a sub conscious level, are we passing on to our little ones?

When I say put ourselves first, I am NOT saying you shouldn't take care of your children's needs!  Of course creating attachment, loving unconditionally and keeping our children safe is our job and our priority.  Being a mother of two small children I know how hard this job is. (Rewarding?  Yes!  But a very hard, tiring job for sure.)  And if I don't carve out time for my personal wellness and creative needs, then it's obvious I'm not living in balance - because everything just starts to fall apart.

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So as I fumble and practice and try, try again, I'm learning how to honor my own needs for creative self-expression while I raise my two little boys.  I'm learning how to listen to the whispers of my soul, how to manifest my personal dreams and how to let them fly NOW, rather than wait until the kids are grown.  And I've built confidence in my ability to listen to my heart while mothering.  I'm learning how to really listen to my intuition and to do what feels right for my kids, rather than just doing something because that's how "they," the doctors, the sleep books, the experts, other mothers say I should be doing it.  And I'm excited to learn, share and grow with all of you moms or moms-to-be who are passionate about mothering with heart, too.

Mark your calendars for a 7-week creative e-course experience where you will get to make art with and alongside your children, while at the same time be inspired to dig deeper into your heart and pull out what's ready to manifest.  You will build strength in your innate abilities to mother, enrich your creativity, and embrace your inner wisdom, beauty and joy...

Mothering With heART e-course
(Dates to be announced) - It will change your life.

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This 7-week e-course includes:
  • weekly reflections on creativity & intuitive mothering, and inspiration on how to live your dreams and love your life.
  • weekly art projects (simple and green) to do with and alongside your children (of any age)
  • 3 "mom's-night-out" happy-hour LIVE chats with on-line community
  • 3 "mom's-night-out" art-night - art journaling projects for moms only (or moms-to-be) 
  • weekly healthy, organic, family-friendly vegetarian snack ideas and recipes
  • tips and techniques to help you and your children channel your true feelings in a number of positive ways
  • ideas to strengthen your mother/child bond through art and quality time
  • ways to practice stillness through journaling, breath work and guided meditation
  • ideas on how to clear and make space for what matters most in your life
  • access to on-line community of like-minded explorers from class
  • an opportunity to share, learn and connect with other like-minded women from all over the world
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Why am I making this class?

Because as a second time mother I've been reminded of just how confused I was when I became a mom.  I read every baby book imaginable.  I talked to every doctor, child development expert, seasoned mothers... Not only did I doubt myself as a mother, but also I fell into a bad habit of putting my needs last.  After many months of tears and exhaustion finally something clicked and I saw profound shifts taking place in my life.  I started listening to my own heart when things just didn't feel quite right.  And the more I did that, the more I began to mother from within, and stopped looking for validation and approval from everyone else "out there."  

I see so many moms (of children of all ages) who are struggling.  Struggling to find balance. Struggling to find joy.  Struggling to find sleep.  Struggling to keep things clean. Struggling to find themselves among the craziness of family life.  Struggling to find meaning.  Struggling to find time or the energy to be creative. Struggling to hear the desires in their hearts.  Struggling to fit into their old pants.  Struggling to accept the gray hairs and the age lines.  Struggling to let go.  Struggling to slow-down.  Struggling to let themselves be something other than "mom." (I know these struggles from first-hand experience!)

Somewhere we adopt beliefs that allow us to put our dreams last, to run ourselves ragged, to live a stress-filled, activity-filled life, to stop listening to our heart, and to keep on going, day-after-day with a smile and make-up on our face.  And I'm here saying enough is enough.  Let's raise our children the way we feel is best for them and best for us.  And let's make sure we are taking care of our own personal health, creativity and wellness along the way.

I feel creativity is the gateway to our intuition and intuition is the key when it comes to mindful mothering.  And so I introduce to you my newest baby, my e-course experience

 - Mothering With heART.

Be Messy.  Let go of perfect.  Live Your Dreams.
Love Your Life.  And always...listen to your heart.

To win a spot in this new course, take a moment to leave a comment on this post to one of the questions below, by Friday, June 24th.  Join my Facebook page, or sign up for my newsletter, or send out a tweet about this post to be entered a second, third or fourth time.

Thank you for sharing this with all the mothers in your life!  I look forward to sharing this e-course experience with you! (More details to come.)

Your Personal Reflection:  What does Mothering With Heart mean to you?  What do you find hard to balance in your life?  What creative dream or inner yearning, in you, is waiting to be born?


  1. Mothering with heart to me means following what my inner voice/soul says that is right for me and my daughter. Not worrying about what others think or feel or might say. Really listening and following my heart and being strong in that decision.

    I CANNOT wait for this course! This is so what I need!

  2. Woo hoo! So glad you will be joining us, Karen!

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun Shannon...cannot wait to get started!!
    I have a very difficult time balancing time for me with everything else on my 'to do' list. Finding time for creativity is nonexistent for me right now, would love some insight and adventure!!

  4. With the birth of baby Ivan I have found it more challenging than I'd thought it would be to balance being a mama to my older son (10 years older) and my baby. My older son is feeling like I'm 'more' of a mom to his baby brother than to him. And through all the mommy-ing that is my most favorite thing I've ever been able to do I feel a bit like that is my new identity, not sure if I am completely here or if part of me is lost for now. very excited for this course!

  5. "I'm just so dang excited! It's as though every cell in my body radiates when I think about it. Seriously, it feels so right and I'm on such a flow that this course is pretty much creating itself."

    That is so great! I'm happy for you. The words above alone sell me on this class. I am happily commenting for a chance to win. Sorry, I don't FB or tweet and I already get your newsletter.

    "What do you find hard to balance in your life?" I find it extremely hard to find time for my own creative expression. True "me" time pretty much does not exist. I have four kids and have put family first, second, third, fourth, fifth.... etc... I need to learn to balance my needs with theirs, to set a good example of chasing your dreams (and hopefully catching them!). Thanks for the chance.

  6. I am dreaming of becoming a mother soon, and hope that I will have the energy to balance work, coupledom, mothering and creativity. Would love the opportunity to discover this course. thx!
    ~ Tali

  7. Thanks for all of your great comments. I appreciate you taking the time to share and love your excitement, too.

  8. Shannon, this sounds fabulous! Mothering with Heart means being conscious of and in the choices I make for my boy. I really work hard to think of the implications for him when I decide or choose for him. Balance is coming better for me because I have stopped trying to put "balance" in a box. I now seize moments, instead of just planning moments like I did before. I like that you fumble and try again, that is so key!!

  9. oh Shannon, what timing you have. Mothering with heART to me is about allowing my emotions a place to rest, live and fully breathe.

  10. Shannon, this sounds amazing!!

    Being a mother is the most AWEsome (and at times the scariest) life-changing experience. It continues to be life-altering while I learn and discover alongside my son, and change while he grows. Becoming a mother has taught me that there is space to grow even when you're supposedly 'all grown-up'. Wanting to be the best mom I can be, challenges me to become a better human; to accept myself, warts & all...

    I've finally found out that balance isn't something you 'have', but something you find, again and again, when life changes and throws stuff at you. There is a lot of peace in knowing this.
    But the letting-go-part that really helps on this road? Ow... that still needs lots of hard work :)

  11. Mother with heART is listening to my little voice inside and doing what feels good, rather than right.

  12. This sounds wonderful and I'd love to gift a spot in the course to a dear friend of mine.

  13. This sounds awesome! I found you trough a tweet and am glad I did. Have added your blog so I can read it when kiddos are in bed

  14. thanks for doing what you do and offering it to all of us!
    inspiring and uniting!

  15. and signed up for your newsletter!

  16. This course sounds great! I'm always struggling--yes struggling--to find balance among my needs as a SAHM, my partner's needs, and my children's needs. It's an on-going practice with lots of adjustments along the way.

  17. Oh my! This is just perfect! With 2 kiddo, i need time for me. i need time for the me ME, that part inside who is still there but sooooo far away....I want to create with and ffor them, and I NEED to create with just some ME time anf for me only!

  18. I am so excited!!! This sounds perfect for me right now. It's so hard to figure out what to do on my days off--the house is a mess, but I "should" (and want to!) be playing with my kids! But I'm going I find/make very little time for my creative dreams. Not like I'm miserable--just always torn in lots of directions.

  19. here's a BIG YES to creating just for...US!

  20. And Rae...this is exactly why I'm making this class... I can SO relate...

  21. This is so interesting--congratulations and best of luck!

  22. What does Mothering With Heart mean to you? >>To me this means being able to be a mother without feeling like a failure. Your heart knows you aren't failing anyone, but everday little nothings get in the way and sabotage your heartfelt feelings.

    What do you find hard to balance in your life?
    >>Can I answer ... EVERYTHING!??

    What creative dream or inner yearning, in you, is waiting to be born?
    >>The ability to turn out living space into a perfect expression of who we are, and what our family is all about.

  23. This sounds wonderful, and how exciting - its something thats manifested I have thought about alot, and I mentioned in my comment to you in your questionnaire! Yay, would love to join in too, Narel

  24. I can't wait to be a part of this class, sounds like fun! As I was reading your reasons for creating it, I was nodding along with you!

  25. Sounds like a great class for mothers ~ ^_^

  26. YES! This sounds so fantastic. I'm constantly on the quest to find and then maintain the balance in my life between mothering my loves and nurturing my own self.
    I'm not sure if I could completely sum up what Mothering with heart means to me as it just feels so huge but I'll start with being mindful of where we both are in the moment, and remembering to make choices out of a place of love and gentleness.
    So excited about your new course Shannon. Inside Out rocked my world and I have a feeling this will too. Happy Summer!

  27. Mothering with a heart means, to me, that I quit comparing my parenting skills, energy level, daily accomplishments, resources, etc...with other mothers and live each day to the fullest for me and MY children and be completely PRESENT in the moment -- since those moments go by too quickly!
    I find it hard to balance doing fun things with my son and also allowing for us to have days where we have absolutely nothing planned.
    I think I'm still waiting to know what my next creative endeavor will be. I fulfilled one of my creative endeavors prior to being a mommy and have continued it somewhat until now. However, I think I'm ready for a new chapter.

  28. I'll announce a winner on Sunday. Thanks to each of you for entering! xo

  29. I posted the winner tonight. Thanks to each of you for all of your sharing and wonderful comments. Be on the lookout towards the end of summer for more information about "Mothering with heART." I hope to see you all this fall as we nourish our creativity and enjoy some special quality time with our children - while connecting with other mama's from all over the world! With love...Shannon

  30. This class sounds awesome! I wish I could take it now.

    Mothering with heart means, to me, that you are a nurturing mother, but NOT a perfect mother. I read once that there's no such thing as a perfect mom, only a nurturing mom. I also struggle, like many of those posting here, with balance. I know I am a better mom when I have time to get away and do yoga or just have quiet time to journal, read, or otherwise fill myself up. But there are so many demands on our time, that it seems like that doesn't happen often enough.


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