Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bombin' Some Yarn

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower close up

I just discovered what yarn bombing is from my coolest-ever-mother-in-law.  As described in the new book, Yarn Bombing: The Book, "knit graffiti is an international guerilla movement that started underground and is now embraced by crochet and knitting artists of all ages, nationalities, and genders."  Beginners and seasoned knitters secretly "donate" a knitted creation in public spaces.  

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower knitting

I am so inspired and excited by this idea!  Do you think that pink flower in this photo is real?

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower  in flower pot

I hit the farmer's market this morning with the boys, my mom and sister and they helped me secretly drop off my first "donation."

Yarn Bomb Felted Flower in bush
International Yarn Bombing Day is this Saturday, June 11th.  So now it's your chance to join in on the fun!  Simply knit or crochet anything you'd like and tag a public space with your knitted piece.  Take a photo of your "donation" and share it online.  There are many flickr and Ravelry groups to share your yarn bomb creations, and also feel free to share with me on my new Free Spirit Knits flickr page.  I would LOVE to see them.

Happy knitting and sharing!

Your Personal Reflection:  What inspires YOUR creativity?


  1. thats brilliant!!..i am dying to do a bit yarn bombing too! would love to do a tree :)

  2. fun idea ~ I did something like this with mixed media painting ~ not sure what I will knit ~ but something ~ thanks for sharing ^_^

  3. Thanks you three! Have fun...I would love to see your creations.

    ArtMuse -
    I think anything, mixed media, knitting, a small note of encouragement...all so cool to leave secretly in public. :)

  4. love this! how did you get the flower stuck on there? i think i could handle a flower by this saturday - what with moving across the country next tuesday. but, i have heard about yarn bombing a few times this year and i really want to be a yarn bomber too! lol.. you're inspiring me...

  5. Awesome! Imagine the joy and surprise of the people who find your "bomb"!

  6. Anushka,
    I just threaded a piece of yarn through the back of the flower and tied it onto the leaves.

    I will visit the market next week and see if my "bomb" is still there. :)

  7. Interesting ;)
    I would be fun to find something pretty like that.

  8. I love these type of ideas where people leave stone messages, books & in this case yarn bombs. They really remind us how we are connected to everybody and encourage a wide community. Unfortunately I don't have a clue how to make these gorgeous wool flowers. But I guess I could imaginatively improvise... I keep thinking it would be nice to do something that cheered up people in hospital waiting rooms & wards - a little piece of unexpected cheeriness when someone is having a bad day. I'll think more on this...
    Kat Xx

  9. I LOVE your donation...I know all about that movement and it's fantastic. It's so festive and colorful to see these trees in the city all adorned with 'sweaters'..Google image 'Guerilla knitting' and find an amazing world.
    I am not a knitter, but if I was, I would do empowering, secretive, and fun. This is the kind of bombs we have to launch into the air..

  10. How fun!! Bummer I missed it. Seems like you rocked those needles! Kudos!


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