Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun With Felt

Now that I'm focusing more of my "free-time" on summer fun, I've been enjoying messy mornings with Kestan.  I found a stash of scrap felt and thought that finger puppets would be a fun project.

Kestan enjoyed it, but I have to say, his favorite part was dumping out all of the buttons.

*Scrap felt

*Embroidery thread and needles

*Variety of buttons

(Glue, scissors, pipe cleaners, yarn or any other fun materials you can find around the house

Let your kids have fun making a mess with you.  My little guy has trouble handling scissors but he got involved in other ways - like telling me what animals he wanted me to make, picking out the colors, helping with the glue and of course...playing with the final product!

Your Personal Reflection:  How do you nurture your children's creativity, as well as your own?


  1. My kids are mid-30's (and son is 20) -- hmm, wonder if I can get them to play. If not, I bet I can find someone who will!

    Seriously, my granddaughter is going to love this! She adores finger puppets. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. This is such a great idea! I need to get out some 'messy' stuff and just play with my daughter. It's been too long. Tomorrow... it's a date!


  3. I love doing fun & messy creative things with my kids. Means my house is rarely tidy but it is one of my favourite things. I have a lot of buttons & my 2 are also fascinated by them & my bead collection.

    My summer plan is for us to decorate some big rocks that are in the garden.

    Glad you are enjoying your free time focus.

    Kat X

  4. ADORABLE! The process of play is just as rewarding and fun as the end result, perhaps even more so.


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