Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day #10: Unexpected Surprises

letter to postman

Today I'm leaving a little note for our postman.  I thought it would be fun for someone who delivers mail all day long to pick up a little something for himself along his route.  I included a gift card to a local cafe so he could get a warm meal after making deliveries in the cold.

Your Personal Reflection:  Is there someone you come in contact with during the week that you don't know very well?  Maybe today is the day to give them a little unexpected surprise?


  1. That is adorable! Super thoughtful of you! BTW my kids love the crayola oil pastels - we can't stop playing with them!

  2. Oh, this is so good! I did this last year during a 14 day rain period we had. The postmaster came right to our door with our mail that entire time after( our boxes are down the street)!Bless and be blessed~

  3. i love this shannon. i loved your last post too, this is something i've thought so much about. i know i don't have to hear the words 'thank you' to sometimes feel thanked or appreciated, sometimes it's in a look or gesture, or it's just there.
    thank you for all that you do and share, your a lovely person.

  4. Great idea! I wrote letters and sent photos to two of my neighbors - both who are volunteer firefighters in addition to having careers. Wrote about these generous and thoughtful neighbors on my blog.


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