Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day #12: Thankful for the Space Between

My boys in fall
Slow down and enjoy life.  
It's not only the scenery 
you miss by going too fast 
you also miss the sense of where 
you are going and why.
-Eddie Cantor

Yesterday was the perfect day.  The weather got up into the mid-60's, the sun was out and the fall colors are still quite magnificent.  I took the boys on a much needed exploration day in the park (as the day before they felt a lot like wild caged animals in the house (full moon anyone?!).  We picnicked, we walked, we climbed, and we moved very slowly, stopping to enjoy the beauty around us and looking for "hidden treasures" along the way.

And what I always seem to discover when I'm with my boys, with no agenda or time restraints, is that the relaxed and carefree feeling that comes in these moments IS the hidden treasure in itself.

So today, I'm thankful for the clarity that comes in the space between all the running, going, and doing.  And as I move throughout my day today I will spontaneously thank those who cross my path.

Your Personal Reflection:  Slow down and enjoy the scenery in your life today. What hidden treasures will you find?

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  1. My daughters and I visited my dad who is in a nursing home due to Alzheimer's Disease. He slept for the first part of our visit, but then I asked the nurse if she could help me by getting him into a wheelchair so I could take him outside to the healing garden (during the summer there's water features, windchimes, and aromatic flowers).

    After getting him ready, I helped him put his coat on and took him outside. There's a swing that has a space for a wheelchair on one side and a padded seat on the other. My dad, Olivia (my youngest daughter), Maureen (a family friend who was staying with my mom this week), and I sat on the swing and moved it gently back and forth.

    Gradually, my dad woke up, put his hands on the bar to help push the swing, and even joked a bit with Olivia who sat directly across from him.

    We then went around on the pathway a bit to see the changes since we last visited. Nature has a way of renewing and energizing my dad's spirit.

    It was clear that the time we spent outside - slowly and in a very relaxed way - was what his body and mind needed.

  2. I love this post, very much... It's so true - when you slow down, you can hear happiness whisper softly. And beautiful Autumn days are the best :)

  3. i love the phrase the space between. i'm glad you had this time with your sweet boys. i think i'm having a bit of that today too. it's a truly gorgeous autumn day.


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