Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day #30: It's Just So Wonderful

Today, on this 30th day of giving thanks, my 3-year-old and I were creating small thank you gifts together in our art room when this song started playing on one of my Pandora stations.  Kestan said, "Aw, this song makes me cry - it's just so wonderful."  And instantly my eyes filled with tears and I felt nothing but pure love.

Pure love for this child.
Pure love for this moment.
Pure love for this life.

And then in Kestan fashion he added, "Mom?  How do onions make you cry?"

Our kids.
They make us laugh.
They make us cry.
They make us crazy.
They make us fall in love.
And again.
And again.

My heart is full, I'm very THANKful, and giving and receiving is just so wonderful.

Your Personal Reflection:  How will you keep the spirit of giving and receiving thanks beyond the month of November?  

And a special thanks to each of you who shared this month with me.  I have so enjoyed hearing your stories of giving.  Please keep them coming.


  1. What a beautiful post! And beautiful song! What Pandora station does this play on?

  2. Thank you again. You have a way with words where it seems that you just weave emotion and beauty in and out of your story in a very simple, touching way.

    The Pleasure Nutritionist

  3. Daphne,
    Thank you for your kind words. I will treasure them.

    Thank you for your comments. The station was Ingrid Michaelson - one of my favorites!

  4. Thank you Shannon for a wonderful November! I look forward to keeping my heart open and the thanksgiving continuing as we roll into the holiday season.

  5. Hi Shannon....just read your comment over at Daphne's Pleasure Nutritionist so wanted to stop by and say Hi and that I loved this post you ARE an amazing writer! whoohoo!
    much love!

  6. This song and your story gave me chills. Really beautiful. I want to THANK YOU for your daily thoughts on thankfulness over this last month! I am thankful for my addiction to reading your posts!:)

  7. Shannon, thanks so much for the challenge. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Your posts are always so thoughtful and moving. It's been wonderful.

  8. oh wow this piece is so beautiful - so sophisticated for a little boy to understand - yet he does ;)
    I love how you expressed 'pure love' in your post a few times ~ that's the name of my photography business *smile* (I was actually thinking of renaming my blog that and join the two together).

    Anyway, this is wonderful. You are such a beautiful person and you always leave us, your readers, deep in thought and wonder about life....

    ps. thanks for linking this to my post 'this week'.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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