Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Beginnings...

simple flower

Find the seed at the bottom of your heart 
and bring forth a flower. 
-Shigenori Kameoka

Happy March!  We have had an awesome winter - staying home, enjoying the abundant snow, having fires, making cookies and lots of snuggling.  Even though the weather is still pretty chilly, I find my excitement rising just knowing spring is near.  

With spring coming means it's time to get started on planting our seedlings.  Last year was the first time we attempted a full-size garden and this year we are doubling our plot at our community garden to a 10 by 25 foot space.  Any tips and suggestions for getting started, since I'm still a newbie, are much appreciated!

Getting ready to plant seeds got me thinking about how preparing and caring for a garden has such similarities to the love and attention our own lives need.  I share more about this in a new article for Rhythm of the Home magazine.  Feel free to stop over there and read, Cultivate New Beginnings and Allow Your Dreams to Bloom.

And don't miss the amazing giveaway going on right now on the Rhythm of the Home blog!  They are giving away amazing prizes and all you have to do is leave a comment by this coming Monday.  

One prize includes a spot in the upcoming Wish Big Ecamp that I'll be teaching at in just a few weeks.  (So excited!)  One winner will enjoy a spot in this weeklong adventure which includes 10 creative workshops, plus tons more.  It is going to be so incredibly nourishing, inspiring and fun!  Will you be joining us?

Your Personal Reflection:  What excites you about spring?


  1. I am so excited for the garden. The only advice I have is to stagger your seed planting based on how often and when you want to harvest a certain crop, but you probably already know that.
    I always love reading your thoughts. I'll be sure to head over to ROTH; it's one of my favorites!
    xo, Angela

  2. What excites me about spring? POSSIBILITIES. :)

  3. Happy Spring. I'm excited about warmer weather so I can wear skirts and sandals. :) Your new course sounds delicious!!

  4. Ah March is a favourite month for me cause its my Birthday ;-) And it is almost more important than New Year for me as a time for reflection and as such I buy & begin a new personal writing journal each Birthday. March seems for me a real mark of New Beginnings & its reflected in nature. But hey, I also just love an excuse to celebrate & be grateful to be alive!

    Kat X

  5. I have found my way to your blog from your article at ROTH. I loved it. Very well written and such a lovely, guiding reminder.

  6. I am looking forward to reading your piece. Your articles are always so inspiring! We will be enlarging our space also. I hope it works out. I just got a packet of seeds today. Now if I can only figure out how to start the seedlings so they thrive and well, let's face it, survive.

  7. Oh so much excites me about Spring! I just read your piece. Gardening is such a metaphor for life, isn't it? I just started my gardening journal today, and this year, I am going to take some risks in the garden! Thank you.


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