Monday, March 7, 2011

Space to Play

wild flower doodle closer
I spent all last week creating the content and visuals for my upcoming workshop Play, Create, free!  This e-course will be offered on March 22nd as part of the creative offerings during Wish Big E-camp.  I hope you will consider joining us.  All of the courses (10 total!) and fun things planned sound simply amazing...and what a fabulous time of year to nourish your creative soul!

This is the first like...forever...that I don't have a single deadline or work project to finish up.  So I'm taking full advantage of this much needed space for a little "me time" and a lot of playtime with the boys.  Kestan and I had fun making art together today like this flower doodle.  And I've got a few sitters scheduled this week so I can get myself back to the yoga studio.  Ahhh....having space to breathe and be with little plans is oh so very nice...

Your Personal Reflection:  Do you have enough space in your week for creative play and your own personal wellness?


  1. a few sitters!!! I don't even have one! Something I have to work on because my husband and I really would like to go on dates again. :) Today, my son joined me in a little doodling too. I am working on starting an etsy shop and I got to work on a few little details today. Yeah!

  2. Hi Lynnette - This is something I've been working on, too. I still am not really comfortable leaving the baby, but I am trying to take a little more time for myself during the week. My "sitters" this week include a dear friend of mine and my sister! So i'm very lucky. I'm excited to see your Etsy shop...let me know when it's up and running! xo

  3. Enjoy your me time and thanks for the personal reflection. Sadly at the moment the answer is no I don't have enough space for myself but I'm working on fixing that :)

  4. Ariad-I know...this ebs and flows for me, too. I'm really trying to make sure I take better care of myself, because when I have those little moments of "me time" throughout the week I notice I'm a much happier person for sure! Hope you find some for you, too!

  5. So pretty and vibrant, your art is like you! I am creating some space and time for myself to play/work on my art. I rented a small, okay tiny space to work away from my home, and will be going there regularly! I already feel happier and more at ease. Thanks for living the example and for all of your encouragement!

  6. Angela-
    That is so fabulous!!

  7. the answer to the personal reflection is.... NOOOOO to both!! on day 9 of sick kids -- i thought today was going to be my reprieve, but it looks like i'm in it for another day or two!

    your e-course is going to be fabulous, of course, because you are teaching it!

  8. Am creating more time for myself, so tempting when my little one is with his Daddy to just catch up on the cleaning and tidying. I've realized by taking time for myself to do the things I enjoy I am more 'present' the rest of the time, more fulfilled and a happier Mummy! The e-camp looks like fun, hope to join you!

  9. Sonds great.
    Speaking of having time for a creative space - huh...
    I am torn on how to answer this question.
    I work as a graphic designer and photographer/ stylist - so I feel like my creative juices are sucked out of me all the time. I think what I need is that yoga class ;)

  10. Its great to have the time to breathe, play and enjoy the moment. Enjoy! The course sounds wonderful.

    I've had a fun weekend celebrating my Birthday & enjoying hubbie having some time off work. But I've overdone it physically and so am quite exhausted. Today I had the day to rest & do nothing but I'm craving some creative time.

    Kids & two of their friends just back from school so best go & deal with the energetic noise. Lol :-)

    Kat X


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