Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Had Fun Trying Something New

I took Kestan roller skating today for the first time and it was pretty darn hilarious.  I felt like we stepped back to the 70's.  The local Skate City offers a morning time just for 2-5 year olds.  I was only slightly disappointed to discover that mommy's don't get skates.  It was actually a good idea because I needed to make sure my feet stayed on the ground for his wobbly wheels.  

Slowing down this month has allowed me a chance to make space for a few things I have wanted more time skating with Kes, painting, clearing clutter in my art room, and playing around with this cool mosaic maker photo program.  I've been feeling really energized and having so much fun doing things out of our normal routine.

Your Personal Reflection:  Do you have a list of the top things you'd like to give a try?  Make a quick list now and see how many you can think of.  Can you try one thing off your list this week?


  1. So awesomely cute! Maybe we'll have to come with you next time, if you'll have us, that is.

  2. How fun! I remember going roller skating when i was in junior high and having such a blast! I am so craving trying new things this summer...rock climbing, kayaking, hiking a inspire me to make this a reality!!

  3. We feel so badly that you didn't get skates. But it appears that Kestan is doing quite well. Thanks for sharing the pix.

  4. So cool. Looks like he was up much more than I would have been. I love the photos too.

  5. Awwww! Love those itty bitty skates. Makes the wheels and stopper look so huge, doesn't it?

  6. Clearing up clutter...on top of my list every morning...goes to the bottom of the list at never gets done...GOTTA do it!
    Great mosaic pictures...very cute!

  7. this looks such fun, I wish there was something like this near me . . . .



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