Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeling Free

I can definitely feel summer just around the corner and even more so now that we are heading out of dodge for a family vacation to the Rocky Mountains.  This is the first time the three (and a half) of us have been on an extended trip - alone - without big plans or a family gathering of some kind.  I can honestly say, that beyond knowing where we are going to stay, we have absolutely nothing planned.  No agenda.  Nowhere to go.  Nothing we have to do.  And that's what I call a vacation!

I only have a few intentions set for this trip: 1) to spend as much of the waking day outside - in nature - as possible, 2) to throw away any sort of daily routine we are used to and never look at a clock, 3) to meet my virtual pal, Suzy, in person 4) to eat really well and 5) to relax and be fully present with my two favorite boys!

I am also planning to "unplug."  I know that I'll have to check my phone a few times and will post some photos to Facebook, however, I'm taking an extended break from the blogging world.  So, I leave you with just a few reminders while I'm gone.

Inside Out e-course starts June 21st!
Registration is NOW open for this wonderful creative adventure of self-discovery.  Don't miss your opportunity!  This is the last one I'm offering for 2010.  (Also, if you sign-up by May 28th, 30% of your registration fee will be donated to a charity helping the people of Haiti.)

A BIG thank you to Hip Mountain Mama for the opportunity to be a sponsor for One Small Change.  Visit HERE to see the sweet little write-up she shared about Inside Out.

Summer Camp e-course starts in August!
This is my newest class that I'm still adding a lot of yummy, messy, fun art and exploration to.  I haven't shared any details about the course yet, but you'll learn more when I "plug" back in to my blog some time in June.

For those of you reducing clutter to create space this year, our theme for June is "digital clutter."  Get started on those nagging computer files, clear out your email inbox and start organizing your digital photos!  Let us know of your progress on our reduce clutter forum. (To see a schedule of monthly theme's for the remainder of 2010, check out the right side of my blog.)

Your Personal Reflection:  I feel totally alive and rejuvenated when swinging on a warm day, feeling the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair, while chewing the juiciest piece of strawberry bubble gum.  When do you feel free?  I wish you THAT kind of day.


  1. sounds wonderful Shannon - hope you have the greatest time, you've worked hard! I know because I can feel it too now that I'm finishing up the first experimental art e-course.

    I too need to unplug for a while . . . . look forward to checking out your new course. I hope you've seen your interview up over at mine, it looks fab!


  2. Thanx Shannon for your LOVEly cards!!!

    I've made a link on my blog.


  3. You know how sometimes our words are stronger than our image and sometimes it is the otherway around...that's the case here today...the first photo you have here screams SWEET FREEDOM...oh so sooooooo much...Enjoy your summer freedom...

  4. Yay...looking forward to meeting up!

  5. WEEEEEEEEEEE! Hope you are having a fantastic time! What are you doing reading this? Go back out and PLAY!

  6. Have a great break, Shannon! I love blowing bubblegum bubbles - my husband tries to stop me from doing it, and I have kind of stopped doing it in public, but oh, there is nothing as satisfying as blowing a good-sized bubble and then bursting it with a loud crack ...


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