Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being Free

"Being free, living free, feeling free" has been a mantra of mine lately. Here is an intuitive journal entry I created this week with these words in mind.

Today, I celebrate the aliveness I feel, my friends and family, and the awareness of my breath. For me, feeling free is setting the intention to go deeper. The deeper I go, the more authentic I am, and the freer I feel.

Your Personal Reflection: When do you feel the most free?


  1. Lovely and worth taking heed of.
    Thanks :0)

  2. When I am at the beach or in what I call my beach mood. There is just something about the ocean that will always evoke that feeling of freedom in me. When creating I try and feel that beach feeling of freedom.

  3. At home, creating. I work full time and I like my job, but can't wait to get home to my art supplies :D
    Love your journal page, it's inspiring.
    Thank you for your sweet comments!

  4. these days? a free hour with a pen, paper and a cup of coffee. a chat with a good pal over that coffee is a good thing too :)

  5. But I didn't answer the question! I feel the most free when I'm up on Worlebury Hill (or the woods behind me). At the top is an open space that looks over the coastline and to Wales, the sky is huge and open and there is an iron-age encampment here: I am in touch with the ancestors and I climb into the large pits that were used maybe for storage of grain or maybe for burials? We don't know. There is rarely anyone else here, just me and My Girl and for half of the year butterflies. It's pure nature and history, only the odd plane overhead reminds you that you're in the 21st Century. I can feel the energies of the tide and the quartz in the rock. I may go up their again today, thanks for reminding me :)

  6. lovely thoughts!
    thanks for visiting my blog..

  7. YES!! Oh, thank you for this reminder today! Soooooooooo needed that! When do I feel most free? When I don't have to pay attention to the phone or the clock! :)

  8. i pratice ashtanga yoga and i like your draw


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