Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Creating Through Vulnerability

Yesterday was day three of the Art Every Day challenge that I've happily (and willingly!) joined for the month of November. The first two days went super smoothly and I had bursts of creative energy working on a new scarf, and I finished the class content for my upcoming e-soul creative adventure course (more to come). It felt amazing and I was on a natural high. Then, day three hit.

I was home all day with Kestan, which is what I do during the days. AND I LOVE IT. However, feeling a little spent from all the right-brain activity, I was tired and was finding it ever so difficult to make any sort of art with the likes of a toddler in my midst.
Just when I was about to give up the notion that any art-making would be happening that day, I saw a blog post on Jessica Gonacha's site about Gemma Correll's fun What I Wore Today project. Without thinking, I pulled out some markers, colored-pencils and chalk, along with my journal, and my babe, and we found ourselves on the studio floor making art.

As a life coach specializing in creativity, I often talk to my clients about the act of "creating in the middle of things". It's so easy for us to find excuses not to create. While it can be difficult, finding ways to create in the middle of things, is a must. So, on this day, I chose to find a way to create in the middle of my mommy-duties, and happened to learn a thing or two about myself.
The spontaneity of deciding to draw this picture brought up a mix of feelings; joy, nervousness, happiness, and vulnerability. I mostly felt vulnerable because I don't draw. I make art and do LOTS of creative things, but drawing makes me feel nervous, rigid and child-like. And yet, in a weird way I also felt free. I let go of any expectations of what my drawing should be in the end, and just treasured the moment of sitting there, side-by-side, with my sweet boy. I watched him. He didn't think about it. He just reached for colors. He just drew. He let his nature pen stroke be expressed. No judgement. No limitations. No fear.

So I took his lead, and even posted my drawing on the Flickr group. Because it's not about the drawing. It's about the act of making art, and the growth that comes from facing our creative fears.

And now, on day four of the challenge, I see things differently. I am looking more closely at the world around me, and seeing everything as an opportunity to practice a new sketch. Taking the time to see the details, like what I am wearing, and what "seeing" it takes to draw that, is the continued practice of being more present.

Your Personal Reflection: When is the last time you felt vulnerable? Have you tried creating out of your comfort zone? What kinds of creative fears will you face today?


  1. Thank YOU for contributing to this wonderful world of art! It's so difficult to admit feelings of vulnerability. ...Can't wait to see how far you'll go! :D

  2. Art every day...I love it! And how cool that you are discovering new things and having new feelings! This post is very inspiring!

  3. this is terrific! i'd never know you had a hesitation about drawing if you hadn't mentioned it.

    spontaneity is indeed a great way to push past that feeling of vulnerability - it takes us out of the zone of thinking and into the zone of doing.

  4. i love what you say about spontaneity, which is key to taking chances outside of our comfort zone... if you don't think too much about it, you don't go further into the vulnerability and self doubt, but just jump right in without fear or hesitation like a child does... your drawing is gorgeous, the beautiful result of letting go...

    thank you for your visit and comment... i love what i am seeing on your site...


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