Monday, November 23, 2009

Loving Messy

The recycle bin is becoming my favorite hot spot for finding perfect painting tools. Nothing around this house is safe from my paints!

As I continue making art every day, I am having a lot of fun being really messy. The more I paint, the messier I get. Feeling freer in my painting has allowed me to reflect on "control" and what that symbolizes in my life. Having Kestan has definitely been a great practice for me in letting go and not taking life so seriously. It's pretty hard to feel "in control" when I've got an almost 2-year-old calling the shots. And how can I be that serious when one of our favorite activities is playing with the fart machine? Now that's some quality homeschooling right there.
This painting acts as my reminder that I don't always have to feel "in control", and that lots of good can come from being messy. I am allowing myself to stress less, clean less, PLAY more and it feels amazing.

Your Personal Reflection: When do you let yourself get messy? Do something really messy today, and leave the mess for a while. Seriously, enjoy being a little out of control. Do something really in the mud, eat with your hands, finger paint, start a food fight... See how you feel when you allow yourself to stay in the mess.


  1. I think I am going to play with this concept today. Great idea.... thank you!

  2. Oh, my. LOVE the painting. Yes, my art room has been a mess for weeks. I loved it while I was working, and now it is good to have it cleaned up.
    You won't believe this. My daughter wants a fart machine in the WORST way for christmas. I keep saying no way. And then I see one on your site. Sigh.
    I won't ask where to get one, I just won't.

  3. can i come over and play at your house? sounds like a blast! :-)

    love the color and energy in your work.

  4. I love your painting, it's so beautiful! Messy is marvelous, if that's the kind of results you get in the end. I found an easy recipe online for finger paints and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Maybe this is a sign that I should try this messy idea tomorrow!

  5. I love this! I am always telling the kids we can't paint at certain times because I feel like I won't have "time" to clean up the mess. I am trying so hard to let loose and let them paint and make messes more often!
    I do enjoy making a mess when we cook or bake. And I usually leave the kitchen messy until the next morning.

    Thanks for the reminder to live life, get messy, have fun, and leave the mess for another time!!

  6. That is a FABULOUS painting!

  7. what a spot you have here... drew me in!

    i got so messy today in the "studio"... i was tip toeing over it all! :)
    i'll ADMIT... i don't like mess... but i find often... the messier... the more i let things "fly"! :)

    i'll remember this post next time i pull out the paints... hopefully this week... let the mess last a bit longer... smile at it! :)

    i love that panting there... so fun & playful!

  8. Shan, I love this painting! I am sure Kestan is so happy to have creative, free and fun parents! When you were little, I knew of a neurotic mom who couldn't go to be until her son's toys puzzles were put back together. Her son ended up in therapy!


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