Friday, October 28, 2011

November Challenge - Thirty Days of Giving Thanks


It's simple.

Take a moment each day in November and thank someone in your life. 

Send a text, make a call, leave a post-it,  
write an old fashioned letter...

Make eye contact.
And say, "thanks."

It doesn't matter how you thank them.  Simply think of someone in your life - each day - and tell them why you are thankful for them.  Give them your thanks.

Thank thirty people in thirty days.

Can't think of thirty people?  

Look more closely at the people you encounter in a day. 

The postman.
The barista.
The nice man at the bank.
The woman who always stamps your parking ticket.
Your neighbor down the street.

Is there a local store owner who makes you feel welcome every time you shop? 
Do you have a favorite sacker at the grocery store?
How about someone you work with that makes you laugh?
Is there a person from your past that you always wished you would have thanked?
Do you have a favorite hair stylist, or a massage therapist, or have you appreciated the listening ear of a good friend?
Did you ever thank your favorite teacher?
Has anyone helped change the course of your life?
What about someone you are really close to - like your kids or spouse - what thanks would you like to share with them?

If you choose to join us - let me know!  You can leave a comment here, or email me at

Post your stories on my Facebook Page, share your blog links there, too.  Send out tweets and use #thirtydaysofthanks to mark your posts.  

And as a special thanks from me to you, check back weekly the entire month of November for your chance to win some fabulous give-aways.


Grab a badge.
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Spread the word.

And let's enjoy 
Thirty Days of Giving Thanks


  1. What a great idea! I was going to do something similar but I have not started it and I still have not learned how to do this badge gig. I really wanted to do it with my recent post (inspiring woman inspiring women) but have not found the time to figure out the badge gig. :) I hope to get in on this soon but in the meantime I must go eat something after my run or I will pass out. :) Thanks for being so inspiring!

  2. I'm in! I must admit I am a bit unsure about thirty but I bet I will be pleasantly surprised by the end of the month. Thank you for the challenge.

  3. More than happy to join in on this. I try to always say thank you but I think I should be a little less shy about it and tell people what I find to be so wonderful about them when I thank them!

  4. This is a beautiful idea and I would love to participate!

  5. Beautiful idea. I'd love to join in. Thank you!

  6. i love this, you have a sincerly delightful blog. i'm happy to see some friends here too. hey tracely and bella! hi shannon! i will defintely thank thirty people for the thirty days of november.
    xox lori

  7. Beautiful way to celebrate November, perfect for the slowing rhythm I'd like to invite more into our days here.

    Looking forward to this, Shannon!

  8. I love it and I would definitly like to partecipate!!

  9. I'm in :) I'll share it on my blog tomorrow... awesome idea!

  10. Such loveliness ;)
    I am playing along and linked to your post ;)
    And I'm thankful for you shannon for always cheering me up and helping me to find ways to keep moving in the right direction.

  11. Perfect idea for this month. Thanks, Shannon! I wrote my first note to a friend today that I'll pop in the mail this afternoon!

  12. Thanks to each of you for your lovely comments. I'm happy so many of you are joining me for this challenge, too. Happy 1st day of November!

  13. I'm so excited to have read about this challenge! Please count me in! Here's the first post I wrote about the challenge and who I thanked (my daughters):


  14. My cousin made me aware of this! I'm definitely up for this challenge! Thank you Steph for sharing and thank you Shannon for creating this!

  15. Woo hoo. Ann and Jenny -you've both been added. THANKS for joining us!

  16. This is a wonderful idea! Count me in! Thanks so much!

  17. Anne- SO glad you are joining us!

  18. What a lovely way to impact the people around us! I'm definitely joining!

  19. What a beautiful idea!! I am sharing on my FB page and on my blog!!!

  20. if you would like another sponsor for a giveaway, please email me at

  21. Okay then, first I will thank YOU for being an inspired woman who inspires women :) xokp

  22. I am totally in for this and what a perfect time to move into the space of gratitude. I am definitely joining both on FB and on my blog:

  23. I'm totally in. I wrote a blog post about it and linked to your site. I'm excited, and I'm getting my kids to participate with me. Thanksgiving is one of their favorite holidays so they are pretty enthusiastic. Thanks for such cool, uplifting ideas. You're always a bright spot!

  24. I'm just beaming over here - thanks to each of you for sharing in gratitude with all of us.

  25. What a great idea Shannon - Im in!!

  26. Thanks for spreading joy all through the internet. I love this idea!


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