Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The List:

How to Be a Free Spirit
The question, "What is a free spirit?" has been on my mind recently.  So I put together this list and I'm posting it today in honor of Artsyville's List it Tuesday.  I'm also happy to say that creating this (and the badge below) counts as my Art Every Day project!

I have met so many amazing free spirits over the last year - through blogging, through art and mama forum's, through Twitter and Facebook, through my e-course and even at my prenatal yoga class.  I believe we should surround ourselves with those people who bring excitement, enthusiasm, inspiration and joy into our lives - and that's what free spirits do for me. 

Over the next two weeks I will be introducing three of my favorite free spirits.  And in honor of this month of gratitude, they have kindly agreed to offer "thank you" gifts to some lucky readers!

So make sure you stop by often to get inspired and for your chance to win.
I'm a free spirit badge
I invite you to grab this badge and place it proudly on your own site or blog.  Feel free to link it to the "How to be a Free Spirit" list that can be found here.  Isn't it a great reminder to continue living our life more fully, boldly and freely? (If you do put this on your blog, let me know by posting a comment here.  I'll make sure to mention you in future posts!)

Your Personal Reflection:  What does being a "free spirit" mean to you?  What else would you add to the list?


  1. awesome list and i LOVE your badge!

  2. great list! you've just added some pep to my step!

    adore the new badge!

  3. YAY to your list, and YAY to being a free spirit! Play daily, absolutely!

    And squeeeaaaaal at all the fantastic, lovable, squeezable baby photos!!!

    Here's a hug for you. <(^.^)>

  4. I'm excited, oh and lovely words of free spirited-ness :)


  5. Fun list with wonderful reminders!! I've added the badge to my blog, Toni's Treehouse at http://www.TonisTreehouse.com. Thanks for the opportunity to remind others!

  6. As I read this fantastic list I found myself smiling and nodding in enthusiasm. I have just added your badge to the sidebar of my blog and will give it a mention when I post later today.

    I shall look forward to meeting some of your favourite free spirits. Will the comps be open to the UK?

    Thanks for always being an inspiration.
    Kat X

  7. What an awesome post! That list is terriffic! You ARE such a free-spirit-always inspiring! I definitely get a boost when I come here to this space. Now I need to figure out how to put badges on my blog. xoxo, Angela

  8. YES!! love the list!!
    I think I would add something along the lines of 'embrace diversity' (or 'differences')... These days, it seems like we're supposed to have opinions on/judge everything and everyone (like with all these reality tv shows) - and it's been a while since I decided it's okay NOT to! The world is a much more interesting place when it's filled with all these DIFFERENT free spirits :)

    & of course, I grabbed your beautiful badge :)

  9. Just to say I wrote & linked about your badge,post & list as a P.S. on my blog post y'day evening. Glad comps are open for me too. I can get excited now :-)

  10. I really enjoy your blog! I came across it just the other day and am hooked. I posted your free spirit badge on my website with a link to your blog in hopes of encouraging more people to enter your site, and be reminded of your inspiring thoughts.

    To me, being a free spirit means lots of things but mostly to enjoy life to the fullest, always learning and growing and always being open to the next possibility that may come your way!

  11. Mandy-
    Thanks for adding the badge! Send me your blog link so I can check it out.


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