Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playin' Around

I'm having fun continuing to play around with my Iphone camera as I get inspired by the experimental art class I'm loving.  These few shots were taken at a picnic Kestan and I had in our backyard.

I love getting pushed to look at the everyday in a whole new way.

It rained for what seemed to be two weeks straight. So as a way to get out of the house and treat myself to life's little luxuries, I took us out to my favorite breakfast joint, not once, but twice in one week!  It was spectacular.  Kestan is a great restaurant companion, and as long as he has a few animals, some crayons or food, he's pretty content to imaginary play by my side.  I even pulled out a few notes to work on for an upcoming summer camp e-course I'm creating.  (More very soon!)

Hipstamatic is still my favorite Iphone app.  You must check it out if you like taking photos with your phone, but want to add some cool and simple vintage appeal.

And after a weekend of being sick, we were very happy to get outside yesterday just in time to enjoy the sunshine.

Your Personal Reflection:  Get out today and do something different.  Play, experiment, and have fun seeing the everyday moments in a whole new way.


  1. Great photos! We are going to be home tonight, so I'm glad to have a chance to experience something new!

  2. The photos are lovely & I like the special effect used. Wish I had a posh phone :-( But I do love my older but much loved trusty camera.

    Glad you're out & about after your sick & rainy time in. Today I didn't really do anything new but after a rather creatively stuck few days I spent today happily writing & getting messy with glue & paint. I feel so much better for a day feeding my soul with creativity.

    Hope the rest of your week involves more fun & sunshine.
    Kat X

  3. what fun effects you got with those photos! glad you're on the mend and back to playing!

  4. lovely photos. Yes, you have inspired me to get out and do something different. :)


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