Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Give Yourself a Gift

Do you want to dream big, face your fears and change your life?  
Do you want to nurture your creative being and let your artist within be fully expressed to the world? (Remember - we are ALL artists - even if you don't feel like one, yet!)

Do you want to learn how to use new art supplies and to play, play, play with paint?

Do you want to create without perfection, without a "right" way, and with lots of messes?

Do you want to expand the possibilities in your life and follow what lives inside your heart?

Do you want more balance, peace, serenity, relaxation and harmony every day?

Do you want to rid your life of physical, emotional and mental clutter, so that you can know the deeper part of you - the part that is present, connected and authentic?

Do you want to get to know yourself better and discover what brings you great meaning and joy?

Do you want to explore through writing and creative play, while connecting to a like-minded community of bold explorers - others who know exactly where you are coming from, (and have a chance to meet new life-long friends?)
Do you want to live freely - being the REAL you?

Sign-up for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery and remember what it really means to create and fully live the life you love.  

Starts Monday!  (Enrollment is open until Sunday, April 4th, Midnight US Central Time.)

Your Personal Reflection:
What are you waiting for?  Feel like you have no time or money?  Email me about your concerns and let's have a chat.

On a side note:  I am taking a week off from blogging to spend quality time with my family on a vacation to the north woods.  I will return next week!  Please share the link to my e-course with anyone you think would benefit from this creative, mindful journey.

Those of you participating in Reduce Clutter; Create Space, 2010 Challenge:  We are wrapping up the March theme of conquering our clothes, and the loose theme for April is the kitchen.


  1. I'm excited and ready. Thank you Shannon.

  2. lily-SO excited, too, and happy to have you.

  3. This is a true gift to give yourself indeed! It has been a major step in myself discovery and life planning! You'll never regret taking this e-course! Come on! Don't hesitate and sign TODAY!!

  4. Is there a list of Reduce Clutter; Create Space month themes (like all 12)? I did pretty well with clothing this month! Woot!

  5. I have just caught up with your posts below Shannon - and I am sorry that you have lost your grandmother. But then, what a lovely opportunity to share that special moment with her, supporting her, giving her strength, and in a way also helping you to prepare yourself for your journey forward. Have a lovely break.

  6. I love what you bring to us all Shannon. these pictures speak of your honesty and of love of life and of knowledge of how to make life joyous.
    Hope you had a great time with your family in the woods.


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