Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TRUST and Express YOUR Creativity

Today I'm sharing a few more testimonials from two past life-explorers who took my Inside Out e-course.

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First, meet the beautiful, enthusiastic and 4-time-course-taker, Karen.  Here she shares a little of what she learned about herself from her Inside Out experience - including her ability to TRUST the process, to stop striving for perfection and to embrace her own unique brilliance.

How did taking Inside Out change your life?
I have gone through periods of doubting my own intuition, not listening to my voice, not believing I am a creative person, or that I can create my own life and live it happily not worrying about other's opinions.  Since taking Inside Out, I am learning to trust my own voice more.  I am finding my self, my community and my own special creative life.  I worry less about what others think of me and I am learning to just be ME and make that ME the best I can be.  I have learned that I can be creative and artistic, even if my art and my creations aren't realistic or perfect.  I am learning to let go more and be more free and find the balance of what works for me and my family.  I am learning to be more in the moment and be more creative with my daughter as well, which is a nicer way to mother!


What did you learn or take-away from this experience?
That I am a creative individual and I can create everyday.  I don't have to create for money, for acceptance, or for praise.  I can be creative in how I live, how I parent, how I cook and how I live my life. And I need to be creative everyday.  It feeds my soul and makes me feel as if I have accomplished something worthwhile.  It makes me peaceful.  And then I can fully support the creativity in my daughter or my husband.  So digging in the dirt for my daughter is more of a pleasure for me to watch than fretting about the dirty clothes she is making that I'll have to clean.  I can fully support my hubby's love of gardening, as it is his creative outlet.  I really feel how much creativity feeds us and now I know that I need it so much, I take time for it and I give others time for theirs.  If I don't create now, I feel it.  I get grumpy or cranky or rigid.  So my intuition is much more important to me now and I guide more of my life by it.  I am learning by taking Inside Out, to feed that inner voice and my own individuality and to love it all!


What did you love most about the course and the on-line community?
How open and honest we could be.  How much support we got and gave each other.  I loved the sense of community we had.  We felt we were in this experience together and we felt understood in our passage through this course and our creative makings and endeavors to be more creative and free.  The course was wonderful and I looked forward everyday to the readings and the play assignments.  Even though I took it four times, I still loved it and looked forward to it so much every time.  I always wondered, what will I uncover about myself today?  What will I learn?  What will I create or be brave enough to try?  This course really got me playing with art and I have NEVER done that before.  I always felt if it wasn't perfect, it was art.  I know better now and that is so freeing.

Would you recommend this course to others and if so, why?
YES, YES, YES!  Inside Out is so wonderful and I would hugely recommend it to everyone!  I learned so much and have grown so much from taking it.  Just to know there are creative people in the world who are reaching out to be more creative, more free, more themselves, is such a blessing in this world.  Taking Inside Out has led me back to who I was before I was taught to be like others, to buy into what others thought I should live like, look like, create like.  Now I am free of that.  Now I listen to my own voice and trust it.  Now I create.  It is imperfection I create, but it is okay and I'm learning to love that and just create and be me.


Next, meet the lovely, wonderful Carol.  Watch her video below to learn how Inside Out made a difference in her life, too!

THANKS to you both, for sharing a piece of your creative journey with us.

Your Personal Reflection:  What part of your journey are you ready to share with the world?

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  1. Oh this is so lovely! Sounds like such an amazing experience!! I wish more people would realize how important creativity is for their life.


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