Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chuck the "To Do" List & Get Outside

exploring outside

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu

I can't seem to get enough nature these days.  So on this particular day our "to do" list was happily left behind to "do this" instead.  And while touching the dirt, feeling the warmth from the sun, smelling the fresh air, tasting the woods and seeing the joy in my boys - nothing else mattered.

Your Personal Reflection:  What would happen if you throw out your "to do" list today? How about doing just that and see what it feels like when you stop rushing around and make time to reconnect with nature.


  1. I threw out the "to do" list on Monday and watched the sun rise, took turns in the hammock and danced to new music.

  2. goodness Shannon - this couldn't come at a better time for me! I am rushing like a headless chicken right now and feeling simply giddy with it all. I dream about shelving everything for a while and just 'being'. Every now and then in my life I have to do this. I think this time might be coming again.

    Your photos look gorgeous - hope you are all well :)


    PS there is a giveaway going on over at mine ;)

  3. Beautiful!! How I wish there was more nature closer to my home! But we do chuck out the to-do lists - a lot lately! - and spend quality time, and we do go out to playgrounds where Isaak runs and I sit & breathe :) & it feels good, indeed! (it's a sad sad thing coming home & finding out the dustbunnies didn't up & do the same though - that would be even awesome-er). :)

  4. Gorgeous photos - so full of joy!
    Kat Xx

  5. Hmm...this might be my theme for the new year. "Chuck the Lists." Has a nice ring to it...


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