Friday, September 16, 2011

Change is Happening All the Time

Change in Seasons
Photo by Chris Duh.

Your Personal Reflection:  Are you noticing the changes taking place around you?  What about the changes happening within you?  Slow down today and simply notice...  What do you see?


  1. one of my biggest changes is I think I need to slow down so that I can notice the other changes. I am going through a big overhaul right now, re-assessing everything and making changes too :)

    I hope your slowing down process is going well. Maybe when we've recovered we can re-coup our plans for bigger things in years to come :)


  2. I don't know if this quote applies to you Amelia, but I really like it. It reminds me that slowing down is OK - that if you choose to slow down you will not be "left behind" or "miss out on something." That what you do here or there will effect each other - and that slowing down will serve us in the end... As always, thank you for stopping by. Big hugs.

    "There ARE no boundaries. The compartmentalization of the different areas of our lives are constructs...what we do “here” will always have an effect “there”, and vice versa. Staying at home with your kids will, if you pay attention, serve you when the time comes to spend your time differently. It’s all ONE continuum."

  3. Lovely post & relevant to me (as always :-)). September, for me, is proving a time for reflection & evaluation. With these things comes change, small but all part of my learning.

    I also like your comment reply to Amelia - wisdom that I need to take heed of as I sometimes worry that life is passing me by whilst I'm resting or doing the mundane. One thing I did manage over the summer is to fully enjoy the children without worrying about 'achieving' or 'doing' - I completely enjoyed my time with them & missed them when they went back to school last week.

    I keep having the feeling we may combine our ideas in a collaborative project sometime. We do seem to so often be in sync & I feel it may be a sign for things to come. We'll have to see :-)

    Kat XX

  4. Oh yes-change is happening all the time and sometimes things change and stay the same simultaneously. I am noticing how much yoga is helping my body and mind. I am noticing how much joy I can find in any moment-even the hard ones-when I look hard enough.
    Thanks sweet friend!

  5. Constant change, sometimes coming at me too quickly before I can digest it, sometimes too slow..and I cannot wait for it to arrive. Sometimes small and steady, the way I like it.

  6. wise souls!

    Kat - sounds like Amelia, you and me to start a "reformed over-achievers" club. :) Yes, collaboration would be fantastic. I'm always up for that.

    Angela - the magic of yoga! I, too, am really finding joy in the "nothing-ness." And it's amazing how things still get "done" at a slower pace. I like slowing down long enough to notice the changes...

    Orly - perfectly put. Ahhhh....yes.

    Great to hear from ALL of you.


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