Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November

Kestan carving pumpkin 2

Kestan with the hammer

Kestan carving pumpkin

Kes coloring pumpkin

Kes the super frog!

Kes the scary frog!

Ashton the pumpkin
The weekend was such a blast - filled with Halloween parties and family fun.  We packed up the decorations and will soon get outside to tackle the maple leaves that are starting to fall.

I had a follow-up appointment with my midwife this morning and enjoyed my first time driving since the c-section.  I felt like it was my "coming out" party!  I treated myself to a decaf soy latte at Starbucks.

My energy is coming back and I'm super excited to start preparing for my January session of Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course.  (Mark your calendar - registration opens for this session in one month!)

And today for my Art Every Day Month project I picked up my bamboo knitting needles and finished this yummy scarf.

Yummy Fall Scarf
Your Personal Reflection:  What sparks your creativity and what fun are you having today?


  1. Wow, you are knitting a beautiful scarf!
    And your children are YUMMY too :)

    Today I had no fun.... flu :(

  2. look at those lil pumpkins! they are darling! so happy you got out for that latte. such moments become luxuries, i had forgotten how delightful that was to get out for a little bit. love that scarf - i'm so glad you are doing AEDM!

  3. That yarn looks scrumptious! My creativity is often sparked by a glimpse of color. I'll see a color that resonates with me and get a flash of it in a painting or a crochet project. My fun for the day? Chatting with an artist friend over coffee, speaking of dreams and goals:)

  4. Knitting with a newborn??! Amazing!

  5. What fun pictures! I love the colors and textures of your fiber art project!

  6. I'm so glad you're doing AEDM! You have such great energy. :-)

    Your little pumpkins (aka children) are adorable! :-)

  7. it looks like you're settling in nicely :) good to see! Kestan looks adorable in his halloween outfit & so does Ashton - cute hat :) Wish I wasn't in the midst of moving house - would love to join AEDM!

  8. Love all of that Halloween fun and sweetness. I am glad you are getting your energy back. I felt like I waa on top of the world when I drove for the first time after my sections. I almost felt like I was doing something illegal like robbing a bank. Lovely scarf!
    Music sparks my creativity and I will be trying something new with rocks today.

  9. Look at those lovely babies! And that yarn - so yummy! Amazing colorway. Happy to have found you!

    xo Erin

  10. Hard to believe you're driving already! I'm sure it felt wonderful to be out among the autumn colors, enjoying a latte. Love the photos. Especially Kestan's new use for a golf tee!

  11. Hey all! Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm doing a little creating here and there, but mostly I'm still just chillin' and lovin' on my baby. I love hearing what sparks your creativity.

    Angela-I'm terrible at keeping the labels so I have no idea what yarn I'm using! All I know is that I love it so much I've decided to keep this one for myself!

  12. What gorgeous boys you have - lovely photos. I'm liking the scarf & would also have been interested to learn the name of the yarn. I went into my wool drawer yesterday and found a few balls unravelled and tangled together - little fingers find soft colourful wool so tempting. Lol. They also love my button collection but at least the buttons can't get tangled!
    Kat :-)


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