Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Moment

Sweet Ashton
Photo by my husband, Chris Duh.

As usual, the last few weeks have flown by and yet I'm treasuring every moment.  I find myself losing all track of time as I lay hugging, holding and smelling my sweet babe.

What I want to remember about this moment:  Ashton Quinn is a very peaceful baby.  He's gentle.  He's light.  He's relaxed.  He's intense.  He's an observer.  He's a wise soul.  He's a gift.

I love how his head folds into the nook of my neck and shoulders.  I love feeling his tiny breath on my face.  I love the comfort we both feel when he sleeps on me.  I love the little piggy sounds he makes when he's hungry.  I love his precious little fingers and toes.  I love that during his alert time he gets really still and quiet, and stares so deeply into my eyes.  Sometimes he scans my whole face from top to bottom as though he's processing some special code that's bonding us together.  I love how bonded we are.  I love nursing him and the milk blister on his top lip.  I love that he is here and that he is home.  And I love the tears that well up in my eyes every time I thank him for choosing me.

Your Personal Reflection:  What do you love about THIS moment?


  1. How absolutely precious. Simply beautiful. Kudos to the talented hubs for his photography skills. Wow!

  2. I just vistited my friends new baby oh what a great time, enjoy.

  3. what i love about this moment is seeing you so utterly happy with this beautiful little guy!

  4. *sight* wonderful photo and post Shannon! Smells baby...smells so good!

    What I love about THIS moment is that I'm obliged to calm down and focus on the essential now that my baby is sick. Even if my mama's heart is hurting, being by my baby's side, taking care of her, cooling down, working on a slower pace helped me to realign my life. I'm grateful for that.

  5. sigh... the tears. it's just a big love fest isn't it! i can remember those tears of joy so well. wow. this is a beautiful post shannon. congratulations again on your sweet new baby boy!

  6. This post made me smile and remember when William was first born. That was a magical time. The photo is amazing!

    xo Erin

  7. Oh, that's a lovely photo!

    I love that I can hear my students laughing on their way home from school. :)

  8. Stunningly beautiful-you, Ashton Quinn, your words. I think you expressed beautifully how we feel about our babes.
    Right now I am loving how Eden sings with such volume and facial expressions!
    xo Ang

  9. I love your sharing free spirit, Shannon. Such a stunning photo!

  10. Oh.

    This is just about the most beautiful photograph I have ever seen!

    Of course, Kestan's photos are a close second. :)

  11. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I love this photo and so happy to share it with you. xoxo

  12. What a beautiful picture. I am so happy for you.


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