Friday, July 23, 2010

And the winner is...

Well, Kestan was the winner at the garden last night when he found our first watermelon!  It is such a joy getting to watch him discover how our seeds grow into the food we eat.

And the winners of my random drawing for the next Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course are...

(Yes, I said winners!  There were so many amazing, wonderful people wanting to win a spot that I decided to randomly pick two!)

Momma Rae and Karen

Congratulations to you both.  I'll be emailing you soon with details.  BIG thanks to all of you for taking the time to share your comments with me.  I SO appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm for creating the life you love.  You all are an inspiration to me.  xoxo

Your Personal Reflection:  What kind of surprises are you discovering along your life's journey?


  1. Yummy. That is a beautiful melon! I thought it was one of those garden ball mirror thingys at first. My kids are usually the first to spot things too. When did you plant your melon? Ours never make it to maturity in time for the frost. Happy weekend!

  2. wow! i am stunned. thank you so much.

  3. I was surprised to see a ripe melon already, too, but this summer everything seems a month ahead of normal.

    Congratulations, Momma Rae and Karen!

  4. Congrats to Momma Rae and Karen...!!!

  5. So love seeing Kestan's watermelon finding! That is so neat.

    Today will make 5 days in a row that I exercised. I have found that I feel really good about myself even just making the effort to get off of my but. It's only been 5 days and I can feel a HUGE difference.

    Movement calls to my soul. It has been my discovery as of late. Thanks for asking!

  6. Is there more than one Karen or am I it? If I am it, WOW THANK YOU!!! I am stoked!


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