Saturday, January 9, 2010

On Lockdown

We are up to our knees in snow and it feels like the 100th straight day of zero degree temperatures.  My phone isn't working, my husband has the car all day, and Kestan and I find ourselves on the 5th straight day of staying home. Here's how the weekend is shaping out:

Staying home has been great fun, but we're both ready to balance that with an adventure out of the house!

Examples of stir-crazy are starting to present themselves.  HELP!

Your Personal Reflection:  What craziness and fun are you up to this weekend?


  1. Apart from walking to the end of the road, we haven't been out since last Tuesday. Fortunately I can retreat to my studio and have fun creating - otherwise I think there would be some marital disharmony!!

  2. it's been a tough week but we are almost out of it! hang in there! (and no jumping for you for a while!)

  3. Well, today Roger and I tried to go to the flea market in a little town about 25 miles away...

    Got there to discover that even though today was finally a beautiful day, the flea market had been cancelled due to the crappy weather we experienced all week. {boo! hiss!}

    So we went thrift shopping instead and ate lots of terrible stuff like cookies and nachos. And we drank big sodas. {boo! hiss!}

    But it was fun and we got out of town for a bit...

  4. We have been decluttering!!! My daughter, Charlotte (4) and I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out her room. I was surprised by how little she is actually attached to- she wanted to give away a lot of stuff. I am so proud of her!

  5. I so appreciate all of your comments! The sun is out, the weather is "warmer", and mama has the car today. Yipeee...we're going out on the town and all is good. Happy day to each of you.


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