Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Mom,

me and mom
me and my mom

I write this to you after spending the 
last three hours nursing Ashton to sleep, 
then "talking stories" to Kestan 
and a bed full of dinosaurs.
I never appreciated just how much you did for me
until I became a mother.
The sleepless nights, the diapers, the teething, the tears,
the puke, the amazing amounts of gunk and crumbs I find throughout the house...
I had no idea how hard this job could be.  
And yet none of that ever really matters, 
because being a mother is just so dang rewarding.
My heart has expanded beyond measure.
My joy is endless.
Because my children are an amazing blessing.
Great, wonderful gifts.
Just as being your daughter is.
Thank you for teaching me how to 
With arms wide open.
I celebrate your wisdom today, 
and all the mothers who are 
or whoever will be.

Your Personal Reflection:  Thank a mother in your life today.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. The picture and your words - this brought tears to my eyes! A wonderful Mother's Day to you, too! xo!

  2. Its so odd that we have different Mother's Days dates; can't understand why it can't be the same. Anyhows...gorgeous words & photo. Your Mum looks like you now & your baby self was so cute! Happy Mother's day to you.
    Kat Xx

  3. LOVE this!! Being a mother is the absolute hardest, most amazing thing ever. Such a beautiful post :)


  4. Yvonne, Kat & Tabitha -Happy Mother's Day to each of you!!

  5. oh... that made me cry. you have a way with words. i wish i hadn't read this before i write my own to my momma. yours is the second mama/daughter picture i see today. i'm ever so inspired. : ) now that we're back in america i need to look through my albums somewhere buried in storage.

  6. Anushka,
    Oh...thank you. So happy you feel inspired. Happy day to you, too, sweet mama.

  7. Beautiful! I love this! Happy Mother's Day Shannon!

  8. Such truth to your beautiful words! I never knew how much I appreciated and loved and needed my mother until I became one myself. Happy Mother's Day, Shannon!

  9. aw shannon, this is soo dang touching!!!! I sooooo understand. I saw my mother as an angel when I became a mum and realised just how much she had done and how hard it was. :) Not to mention running a biz and trying to do our art too!

    Lovely pic too!



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