Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seeing Green

This week I joined the green smoothie challenge.  It's pretty simple, really.  Start each day with a green smoothie, which consists of greens, fruits and water.  The first day I made one with kale and mango. It was incredible.  The second day I got really ambitious and added twice the amount of kale.  It tasted a lot like grass.  So I added a fuji apple and it sweetened it just enough.   

I love the natural boost of energy I get and drinking something so green just makes me feel good.  I especially love that my 2-year-old can down one of these in about 10 seconds flat.  Here's the first recipe I tried that is really yummy:
Green Kale & Mango Smoothie
1 cup of kale
1 mango
1 cup water

Blend in your blender until smooth.  Make a toast and enjoy!

For more information, check out Green For Life or join the challenge.

My seedlings have sprouted and they want to get in the ground.  This is the first time I've ever started seeds indoors and I'm very new to gardening.  So I'm extremely excited to get my hands in the dirt.  We've spent the last few weekends getting the shed, patio and screened porch ready for spring.  The goal this weekend:  tend to the garden!

Growing my own food and continuing to support local, organic farmers is my one small change for April.

I love how things come into our life at just the right time - seeing green - just in time for Earth Day.

Your Personal Reflection:  How will you celebrate, honor and respect yourself, others and our beautiful world this Earth Day?  Can you continue the celebration each and every day?


  1. holy kale, that looks delicious. I think I'll celebrate with one of those for earth day. and by planting this season's tomatoes!

  2. Well I really hate the color green. But, this was pretty good.
    Now I'll have to see if my kids will try it.

  3. this is exciting! i've been seeing this green smoothie challenge and it has led me to a delve in raw food cooking this week. i cannot get kale very often where i live so i'll have to try some other green. collards are also not easy to come by.

  4. I am also doing the green smoothie challenge! I love it...lots of kale, spinach, sprouts, and chard being comsumed around here! Can't wait to start using greens from our garden!

  5. I didn't sign up for the challenge but have taken a stab at it anyway. We have lots of spinach that normally goes to waste so I have been blending it with different fruit. I gotta tell you that the texture is off for me but I am just using a stick blender so maybe others don't have that problem. I think I would do better juicing it all.
    My kids have been on board but my husband is a bit weary since he got sick the day he tried to eat lots of veggies.

  6. My kids love to plant things that are edible. It is a great way of cultivating a connection with their food source & nature.

    The smoothies don't look the best but the ingredients sound like they could be yummy. I like experimenting with soup & smoothie ingredients.


  7. I love green drinks! I definitely need to try mango; that's something I've never put in the drinks. Sounds super yummy!

    Also, I have something for you on my blog; come see! :)

  8. It has been wonderful for our family too. :)

  9. Wowsa, that's green! The recipe you posted sounds delightful. I'll try it out!


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