Monday, April 26, 2010

Reduce Clutter Update

I started on my kitchen this week.  Reducing clutter can definitely be a daunting task, so luckily I'm giving myself one month per room.  And yesterday I conquered that "hard to reach" cupboard.  You know the one - above the fridge or microwave where we stash stuff that we never get to because we need a stool to get to it in the first place and instead of making the effort to do that we simply forget about it?

This cupboard holds my cookbooks and here's the stack I'm donating.  I picked out my favorites, a few sentimental ones (like from my grandma), and I'm giving the rest away.  I usually keep my favorite one by the juicer on the counter, and really, I rarely use cookbooks anyway.  When I make a meal from a recipe it's because a friend gave it to me, or I looked it up on-line, or I got inspired at the farmer's market (I'll be sharing my new asparagus leek soup soon. It is pure heaven!) So...bye bye cookbooks.  That cupboard is nearly empty now and just knowing that makes me feel...ah...lighter.

The attention I'm giving my kitchen, along with the change of season, has really inspired me to try new things.  Here's another new recipe that Suzanne shared for the green smoothie challenge.  I was happy to see not all of the smoothies have to be so green!

Orange & Blueberry
1 cup of greens (i.e. romaine lettuce, kale, spinach)
1 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice
1 cup of water
2 cups of frozen blueberries

My little guy Kestan is so excited for smoothies now that today he insisted I add more kale.  

I do believe that energy is freed up when we clear clutter.  I am fully embracing a healthy, abundant and nourishing spring, and I'm extremely excited that my kitchen is feeling more organized and clean - one cupboard at a time.  Letting go of more makes me feel energized and alive!

For those of you who have joined the Reduce Clutter; Create Space Challenge for 2010, my virtual friend, Sarah, and I are creating a list that will help guide us for the remaining months.  If you have a particular room. or area of your home or life, that you want to un-clutter, let me know and we'll add it to the list.  I'll publish the list in May.  (By the way, in May we are focusing on digital clutter.  Yippee!)

Join the reduce clutter discussion here.

Your Personal Reflection:  What kind of space are you creating?


  1. oh, i need to do this with my cookbooks too! they just seem so full of potential, but the space would be too, wouldn't it?

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I'll shoot ya a line if I think of any additional clutter zones we might add!

  3. This was what I made for my 6th green smoothie: (no exact measuring) organic kale, fresh pineapple, frozen (strawberries, banana and blueberries) and some water.
    My kids, 15mo and 3yrs, have been excited too to join me drink the green smoothies.

  4. Home office/guest room!! We started this one and have stopped in lieu of other de-clutter needs (kids' bedrooms!!). Clear Clutter/Create Space has been somewhat haphazard around here, so I look forward to seeing your list, hopefully it will help inspire. :)

  5. Dumb you use a blender or juicer for your green smoothies??

  6. Congratulations! Cookbooks are hard for lots of people to part with. I remind clients that if they keep cookbooks they don't use because they think they might want a particular recipe someday, they can usually find it online.

    Looking forward to reading your take on digital clutter.

  7. Luckily for me, when we moved last year, I got to start fresh with empty cupboards. Got rid of so much stuff. Still have a bit because of sentimental value, but those will eventually go, too. Eventually. I try not to store things on the tippy-top shelf of cupboards. My rule is, if I can't reach it without a stool, I won't store things there.

  8. Thanks for all your great comments! By the way, I use a blender for the smoothies! Just throw everything in and blend it together. If it seems too thick just add more water.

  9. you are soooo good! I de-cluttered my garden shed the other day and went to the dump with a whole bunch of rotting rubbish, it felt so therapeutic indeed!


  10. mine's more of a clutter containment than a de-clutter... i put a cute little napkin holder next to the back door to hold sunglasses, sunscreen, keys, and those other things i'm always dashing around to find before getting in the car!

  11. I was inspired. I went through my huge collection of cookbooks (only 3 which I've used in the past couple of years). The others made their way to the used book store and my shelf is so open and clean. Ahhh, lovely!

  12. You can sign me up for clear your clutter - I've become a clearing nut since reading Karen Kingstons book! It's so brilliant to let go!


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