Thursday, February 25, 2010

Felt Inspired

Several weeks ago I sent a felted necklace to a beautiful woman, and new friend, who lives in The Netherlands.  I think my necklace was sent to Neverland instead, because she never received it. I felt sad about it for a few days, but then decided that maybe someone else is enjoying that necklace somewhere, and I was grateful that I had all the wool and beads to recreate a new one. 

It felt so good to get my hands on some fiber again.  Ever since launching my e-course in January, I haven't touched any wool or yarn, and doing so brings me great joy.  I love the texture.  I love the smell.  I love the comfort I feel when my hands are in the wool.  I've been feeling in need of some restore time, and I find felting to be such a peaceful activity.

After making the beads for the new necklace, I pulled out an old project that I never finished.  It's a flower landscape, and considering I'm still craving spring, I thought it would be the perfect project to brighten my mood.

Not sure if I'll ever really feel finished with this piece.  I kind of like the organic, alive quality it has as I continue to add and change things to it every so often.  It feels like the garden is growing over time.
Regardless, gifting myself with time to do something that I love, helped me feel more creatively inspired, energized, and reminded me of the healing qualities that come from making art.
And since I know so many of you are also itching for spring, I thought I'd leave you with a bouquet of colorful flowers.  If I can't see the flowers blooming in my yard, I might as well make some that last year round.
Your Personal Reflection: What creative activity helps restore and energize you?


  1. Those are so pretty! I've never tried felting, looks neat! I'd have to say that the activity that restores me best is embroidery! Where I get to sit and stitch.....I let my mind wander and i don't have to change pens like drawing, change bobbins like sewing, change designs like quilting.....
    I can just sit and sit and sit....

    Until I my energy returns....then I'm off :)

  2. I too enjoy felting, especially needle felting ... a good way to work off frustrations!! I particularly enjoy hand quilting - the slow rhythmic stitching soothes the soul!

  3. I hope you didn't send your card to Neverland ;)
    I've posted your card yesterday to the US!
    I love your flowers!
    Felting is standing on my list, but first I have to card the wool. NOoooo, first I have to make space for my atelier!!!!

    You're tagged ;)

  4. I love the idea of a felt garden that just keeps growing! And I think your cut flowers are awesome! While I spend a ton of time with my hands on fiber, I've not wet felted (only fulled knitted items) nor have I needle felted. I bought felting needles for a project I have in mind at the Yarn Barn last weekend, and I've been looking up tutorials for making felt balls this week to use with our oldest. Boy, are we in tune right now, or what?

  5. This post makes me feel inspired today! I woke up thinking that between kicking this cold and being busy busy busy getting ready for the weekend that I wouldn't have time for anything fun. Now I'm deciding I'm going to the gym (fun for me!) AND I'm going to get out some art stuff and play!

  6. OOoooohhhh! I love the bright colors, and I just want to reach out and TOUCH these! Your landscape is fantastic. I love the thought that it is constantly evolving and growing. And those flowers would certainly brighten up anyone's day!

  7. Such gorgeous colors!

    Some vibrant, some earthy.

    Very, very nice!

    Thanks for sharing these....

  8. thanks everyone. glad my felts could add some color to your day!

  9. Thank you thank you thank you again for being so generous to recreate AND resend this beautiful necklace!
    And I LOVE the other colourful things in this post... The only thing keeping me from getting into felting is - there are so MANY creative things I want to do and only so FEW hours in one day :)


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