Monday, December 21, 2009

Time for Celebration and Renewal

Here we are, the week before Christmas, and a time for celebration! If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year. For many of us, we're moving into colder weather, however, the solstice reminds us that the daylight will gradually increase, and the warmth will one day return.

In the meantime, though, winter is a season that invites us to embrace solitude. It's a time to slow down, snuggle up and stay in, and it offers us a beautiful opportunity for internal reflection and deep renewal.

I have been feeling incredibly busy over the last several weeks, especially after opening registration for my e-course. I am still finalizing many details for the class, and the fact that it all hits around the holidays and new years (not to mention my entire families birthdays!), I've definitely been feeling the stress.
So to honor this new season, and my deep desire of wanting to be present for the holidays, I've decided to take one week off from my blog (and reading blogs!). My intention is to "create space". (In fact, "creating space" is going to be my theme for this next year, and I'll share more about that when I return!) For me, in order to make space for something, I have to let another thing go. I need to make space for my journal, to reflect on the past year, and to get grounded for the new year. I need to make space for family connections. I need to make space for play. Letting go of Internet writing and reading for one week will help me create some much needed space for the things I need most right now. Ahhh, I'm already feeling less stressed just typing these words.

The best thing we can do for ourselves in celebration of the solstice and the holiday season is to connect to our inner stillness, for it is in the stillness that we can more clearly see where we want to go in the future. This is a great place to be as we prepare for 2010.
So bye-bye blog world for the week. I have so much gratitude in my heart, and I'm especially grateful for each of you. Thank you for visiting. I wish you a mindful, peaceful and super-fly fun holiday!

Feel free to leave a comment and share:

Your Personal Reflection: How will you celebrate the holidays? What are you grateful for? Do you have enough space in your life that allows you to connect to your inner stillness? How will you prepare for the new year?


  1. happy holidays to you my dear! what a wonderful intention to be present and create space. i hope it's a magical time for you and i'll see you when you return!

  2. Good for you! I am not blogging, but am still drawn to reading other blogs, however not as much these past few days. I am making room for reading.just picked up a new book called "Natural Wakefulness" and I love how a new book really gets me energized! Room for knitting and hanging with the kids! Happy Holidays!!

  3. So glad you are taking time off to enjoy this special time. Since I have been off work and recovering from foot surgery, I have enjoyed baking and cooking more than ever. I have noticed a contentment from just being, some de-cluttering, and some time w/friends and family. I am filled w/a grateful heart knowing I am already filled...from the inside out!

  4. Nice post. Just reading it made me feel restful and at peace.

    To prepare myself for the new year, I have made a commitment to find time for myself each day for whatever I need at that time (exercise, silence, reading, meditation). I have also winnowed out my commitments to online groups and blog subscriptions so that I am not spending so much time on the computer.

    While I love my virtual friends, you included, I need to be more present in my "real" life.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours


  5. Beautiful tree. It radiates JOY! And that is one fantastic snowma--er boxman. :D

    Have a fantastic Christmas with your family. I hope it is a warm and memorable one.


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