Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As I was getting out of the car today to go work in a coffee shop, this spray-painted word on the concrete caught my eye. What does it mean to purge? The definition of purge is - to free from impurities; to cleanse; to make free of something unwanted.

I guess for me, I see "purging" as the act of letting go. I have to ask myself, what am I ready to let go of? What purging can I do, so that I can release the old, the unwanted, the clutter that fills my mind, my body, my home (which is just a reflection of what's going on in my mind/body)? And what will happen when I purge? Will I be scared? Why is it hard to let go of things I "think" I need. Do I really need to hold on to critical self-judgements and negative talk? Does that really bring a sense of comfort and well-being into my life? Do I need to have things around me in order to feel valuable or important? Can I feel comfortable in my own skin without those things? Does filling my body with toxins really make me feel better?

I want to purge. I need to purge. I know that the more I purge, the freer I feel.

Your Personal Reflection: Become an observer of your thoughts and actions today. Pay attention to what you think about, what you say, and how you behave. What are you ready to purge and let go of? Are there thoughts, things and behaviors that you are ready to release? How does the idea of purging make you feel?


  1. I LOVE your blog...your beads, your wolen creations..your words, outlook on life...and you yourself are beautiful..thanks for visiting me on my blog and leaving such a kind and thoughtful comment...I will add you on my 'creative types' list and visit you some more soon.
    Oh yes and plurging is a way of life...I strive to plurge every's quite challenging but so worth that spirit..I need to go now..I have some major uncluttering to do today.

  2. Hey Shannon...Thanks for your comment..hope you had a great bath (:
    Would you do me a favor and change all my "plurges" to purges...silly me!!! Forgive me..English is not my native language..Enjoy your evening..

  3. Okay I am completely dominating this comment box...but I am crazy about your necklaces and scarves...How do I get to see what you have for sale...and prices...They are so sculptural...they are brilliant...(love the one that looks a bit like and red (kelpi?)..


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