Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Source of Inspiration

Father's Day came and went and I had the intention of writing a blog entry in honor of my beautiful husband, Chris. He is an amazing father and the gift of parenthood has really transformed him into a more playful, more connected and more embracing-of-living-life-NOW kind of dude. He recognizes what a gift our little boy is, and watching the two of them bond, learn from, and love each other brings me great joy.

Not only is Chris a wonderful "da da", he is the greatest partner I could ever ask for. In order to illustrate just how mindful, compassionate and wise he is, I'd like to share an excerpt from a recent email he sent me in regards to my struggles of wanting to manifest my life purpose on a deeper level.

He says, "You are a great, gentle nurturer. You are perfectly suited to dive deep with people. So, light-hearted projects are OK for you? Or are you wanting deepness that comes from working with, say people with cancer, like those you engaged with in the past?

I guess what I'm thinking about right now is, 'Who are these people looking for a creative life coaching experience.' I know I could use a coach from time-to-time, but never commit the time for this. Are there a lot of people like me out there and how do you reach them the same way you do in person?

I love your approach of the online thing and I want you to not think much. Just throw stuff out there that comes from yourself just diving in and not questioning much. It will be from that place that people who are like me will see the authenticity in the work you do and be inspired to take the class. I might be wrong, but the stuff you have been talking about lately is not just teaching how to knit a stitch. It's about pushing self to feel and then do and do and do, so you must do then do then do. Do the do when you make a pod cast. Do the title of your class with the style of free form thinking - couple of words, done put it out there...walk away. A day, a week, a month later while resting or taking a walk, new words will hit you for the next pod cast or class.

To be free to make up this stuff you're doing, you need to continue to do things you have never done before. Then, channel that experience into your work. Vacation from your son, from me or and whatever it takes to break, break, break, routine. Don't worry, breaking routine will become your routine and that will fuel your future manifestations."Thank you, Chris, for being a great source of support and inspiration in my life.

Your Personal Reflection: Think of one person in your life that has offered you a great source of support and inspiration. Take the time to write a letter to them sharing what they mean to you.

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