Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slowing Down

I'm taking this really cool on-line "Get Crafty" class and I've found it to be so inspiring. Our first assignment was to spend the day taking photos with our digital camera of natural and hand-made patterns. I carry my camera around and take pictures on a weekly basis, but for some reason, this particular assignment was different for me.
It allowed me, (or rather, forced me) to slooooooooooow down. Something I need to do A LOT more these days. So I took a day trip to a quaint, historic Missouri town with my mom and baby boy. Since Kestan fell asleep in the car on the way, my mom and I drove around the country roads and main street so I could take close-up shots. (We also had a wonderful visit - so much fun sharing stories and catching up!)It was so simple, and yet, truly a moment of creative renewal for me. I noticed details on the tree barks that I would have passed by, I found trails I never would have visited, and I discovered old barns I never would have seen.
This small, creative exercise turned out to be the reminder for me that slowing down, noticing the little things, and once again, being in the present moment, allows me to connect more deeply to the people I'm with and the places I visit, and opens my senses to the beauty of life all around me.

I even stumbled across the most adorable cottage that is now becoming part of my vision board as a symbol of my dream art studio!Your Personal Reflection: Go out today with your digital camera. Take close-up shots of all the things around you. How does stopping to notice the little things in life change your perspective?


Thanks for sharing!