Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays from Kes


  1. Awesome!!! :)
    Hope you've had a merry, warm, family-filled & inspirational Christmas, Shannon - I can't wait to get started on the next session of I/O! xx

  2. Happy Belated Christmas to you ~ things were just a bit too busy to visit you at an earlier time ;)
    I am sure you and your family are enjoying your fun-filled Holidays.
    Best wishes for the new year too!

  3. Dear Shannon, happy holidays and christmas festivities and new year´s eve celebrations to you too :) I´ve just read your last post and I too am doing EXACTLY what you describe. Having felt I worked sooo hard in 2011 I´m taking a well-earned break at the moment and doing as your quote says: doing nothing and having all day to do it in. It feels sooooo good to unwind. I know this is valuable time before the storm of 2012 starts, but like you, I aim to keep that restful spirit and mindfulness with me as long as possible. I´m tuning in to what comes up for me right now so I can carry it forth.

    Keep well - gorgeous family - and such fun you guys looked like you had. I wanna come skiing next time too!



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