Friday, December 31, 2010

Life, Death & New Beginnings...

It has been an amazing year...
filled with little adventures,
Water Spray Park
lots of fun,

Open Your Heart
and tons of love.  
Newborn Baby Montage
I had the honor of holding my grandmother's hand as she took her last breath, and just a few months later I gave birth to my second son, Ashton Quinn, as he took his first breath.

Looking Back on 2010
I've laughed, cried, grown, expanded, connected, celebrated, created, fallen down, gotten back up, and learned to trust.
Christmas Montage 2010
And while it's the end of a really is just the beginning...


As I look ahead from this moment I open my heart for the possibilities of what this New Year will bring.  The phrase that resonates most for me right now is simply "to receive."  

I'll be taking a little time off from my blog to bring in the New Year, celebrate birthdays (Chris', Kestan's and mine!), and to prepare for the fourth session of my Inside Out e-course.  (Registration is still open and class starts January 17th.)

But mostly because I need space to breathe, to be and to receive.

I wish you beautiful beginnings and a New Year filled with many blessings.  xo

Your Personal Reflection:  What were some of your highlights and celebrations this past year?  What have you learned about life and about yourself?  What things aren't serving a purpose in your life anymore and what are you ready to let go of?  Can you hear the messages in your heart?  What word, phrase, intention or feeling comes up for you?


  1. Wow. What a beautiful year in pictures you have shared. Your family is precious.
    I have not chosen a word yet this year. I believe one has chosen me but I need to sit with it today to see if it is the one. It's been an extremely trying year but I chose positivity as the word this year and I do believe it helped me to get through.
    Thank you for the questions at the end to help me reflect and ponder for the upcoming year and word choice.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I totally believe that the word does "choose" us - so wonderful that you are listening. Sending you love this New Year! xo

  3. what an eventful year you've had...i can't wait to see how it spills over into your art in 2011. happy new year, shannon - i'm so happy to know you and your beautiful spirit!

  4. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself here, and for stopping by to comment on my little blog too.

    It's been a years of big highs and lows for me. I'm learning to love myself through it all though it isn't easy sometimes.

    I've let go of some people in my life who have been holding me back, and I'm working on letting go of some of my own destructive behaviour.

    The word that I've chosen for 2011 is soul. Inspired by repeated reading of Sealskin, Soulskin from Women Who Run With The Wolves. I am very excited to see where this word will lead me.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy birthday to you all! This past year you have shared so many wonderful things to others and to me. Thank you for being you and sharing it with the world. Can't wait for the 17th!

  6. I just love you Shannon! I am so blessed to know you and receive your inspiration daily! I am so excited for your e course and for sharing another journey with you in 2011!

    Happy New Year!!

  7. Shannon, I feel truly honored to have been part of your journey this year. Knowing you and your family has been a blessing to me.

  8. Happy New Year to you as well. :)
    Not sure where I'm headed... I will begin with some journaling into ME to determine that. :)

  9. Happy New Year Shannon.
    Hope youll will have a nice break.
    Happy birthdays to you all.
    I'm grateful for your openminded spirit and for your first(!) e-course in January 2010 that I participated. You gave such a friendly welcome to every single one of us, also to me far away up in the North of this planet. And that impressed me a lot.

    I want you to know that what you do affects a lot to others. Your kindness and care about other people is spread through others in this world.

    Through my work I meet a lot of people, not only your fellow-countrymen, but also from other countries. I have found out that through this meetings I learn something new every day if I am o p e n m i n d e d.

    Thank you for this year and I hope you all the best for 2011!


  10. Shannon, you are indeed, a beautiful spirit, inside and out! Your photos capture the essence of you and your precious family so well. Happy New Year, and happy birthdays to you all. Much love, mom

  11. Lovely, Happy New Year! How did you do the photo collages - I've been trying to figure this out!

  12. Beautiful you, beautiful family. Enjoy your birthdays.

    Our year has resounding similarities... My second son was born in April, my grandfather transitioned in August and I, too, was struck by the amazing circle of life.

    My words for the year are FOCUS and DIRECTION. I need so much more of both. This is my year, my year of truly realising my purpose through these two words. I can feel it coming (sigh of relief and hopeful smile here!)

    Blessings for the New Year!

  13. Wonderful blog. Met you on Picture Winter. So happy to know you!

  14. wow, you guys rock in the comment department. smiling over here...thank you! happy new year.

  15. Adrie-
    There is a website where you can make mosaic montages of your photos for free. You can save them to your desktop but if you want high res you have to purchase them. Have fun!

  16. I'm moved by your blog! It is so amazing and your photos capture the essence of you and your precious family so well. Happy new year!

  17. What a beautiful family you have.
    Wow that was a true circle of life moment when your grandma died and your son was born.
    Peace and Love for the New Year ;)

  18. Lovely post & beautiful photos. It was great to discover your blog in 2010 & I look forward to connecting up with you further in 2011. Happy Birthday & Happy New Year 2011!

    Kat X

  19. What a beautiful celebration of your year Shannon. I wish you a peaceful start to 2011. You have changed the lives of so many, and I am sure that this year will be no different.


  20. This is the first time visiting your blog and wow - what an emotional and beautiful start to the new year! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more. :-)


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